The Golden Tattoo

The Golden Tattoo

Abraaa ca dabraa… gili gili choo…

And Savy found herself standing in the middle of a ballroom.

 All eyes fell upon her. The musicians stopped for a moment and the Duchess and Dukes in the ballroom where taken aback! 

Who is this girl? And what is she wearing? How did she come here out of nowhere? The crowd whispered.

Is it possible that the magic worked?” Savy gasped looking at the tattoo on her hand.

She was in a birthday party of a friend when the magician called her on the dais and asked her where she wanted to go. Being in a birthday party which was themed on pirates she surprisingly had a ballroom in her mind! The magician drew a little golden star on her hand and asked her to close her eyes imagining the place she wanted to go. She thought of the movie she had seen recently, where in a land far far away there was a huge palace where kings and queens from all over had come to attend a ball. 

And lo… when she opened her eyes, there she was!! 


Her heart gave out a cry. Did she travel time…

The first thing she saw was a huge chandelier hanging over the arched dome, painted with gold and silver. But before the beauty of the palace could sink in, she heard someone calling in a loud voice.

 “INTRUUUUUUDERRRR… get hold of her.”

She saw some soldiers in heavy armour marching towards her. 

Quickly she made her way towards the only window she could see in that embellished hall. She slithered through the hall knocking down one or two duchess, tripping over their extra round gowns! Reaching the window, she realised it was locked and there was no way to go out.

She just had one option left now. Looking at the boots she had worn for her friends party which matched well with her pirate dress, she thought of making the most out of it. With as much strength as possible, she kicked the glass pane. 

The glass window stood there like a steel wall. She kicked it again. But it would not break. Seeing no other option for escape, she went on kicking it, but the window stood as firm as a wall.

The soldiers were approaching her. 

What if they captured me and put me in a dungeon

From the whispers in the hall, she could also make out that the esteemed and the frightened guest thought of her to be an alien. Being dressed like a pirate with an eye patch, she herself felt like an alien amidst the suave and debonair crowd.

“If only a prince could come and rescue me in this wee hour.” She smirked.

The tattoo in her hand suddenly glowed and a light flashed blinding everybody in the hall.

 And lo… she was amidst her friends, in the pirate party…

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