The Good Witch

The Good Witch

A van halted abruptly in one of the forbidden trails. I sniffed, looks like another human breached the forbidden trail. Yet another prey!


My VW camper van stopped abruptly amid a unmetalled path into the woods. The place was different. Finally, I found a nice spot to shoot a video for my travel vlog

I parked my camper van with headlights on, engine off and strolled around the enchanting woods. 

#Isn’t this place magical? Looks like I am into the Forbidden Forest!

I captioned this with my cheeky smile amidst these misty woods and posted on Instabook

I love travelling and ever since my travel vlog ‘travelophilia’ was born; I have been exploring unmapped boundaries. I laid down on the damp grass admiring the foggy surroundings and beautiful wild flowers. The wet spells gave out earthy fragrance that intoxicated my soul. 

My stomach rumbled; I took out my ‘cuppa maggi’ that I had brought along. 

#Hot maggi in making! 

I sat on an old stump and savored my maggi. I heard some ruffling noise from the dense bushes. 

I got up and stood rooted as two pairs of blue eyes stared at me. 

A magnificent white tiger!

My eyes went wide as it must have been about 10-feet long; its fur was milky white with brown stripes that enhanced its beauty. I was amused and terrified. 

I was in love with this white beauty, only if it is not going to attack me. 

She seems to be different. Oh my God! FINALLY!

I tried calming the beast, “hey, I am not here to hurt you.” 

Suddenly, strong winds blew, dark clouds gathered as if it was a bad omen. 

“Ooh, another pretty target! I am the Dark Lord.” 

 “Hey, can you become Lord Voldemort just by wearing a black costume like him?” 

“How dare you challenge me?” He closed his eyes and a bright red light emitted from a stick that looked like a mini umbrella rather than a wand. “Now watch this.”

Gosh! The white tiger was now a handsome man; but, as soon as the red lights touched him, he was back to being the white tiger.

“YIELD,” he howled. I was stumped and did as he said.  “Now, what shall I make you? A white rabbit?”

“No, let…let me go!” I 

 “Hmm, let’s make you a white tigress then.” The monster guffawed.

I tiptoed backwards. A stray of red light knocked me and I was thrown off balance.

“Don’t Dare To Run!” 

I squeezed my eyes as another red light was aimed at me but the magical umbrella-wand hit me. I was stunned as I saw white tiger pounced on the dark lord and looked at me, as though asking me to ACT, FAST. I pointed at the dark lord, “Hocus Pocus,” nothing transpired. The white tiger kept him distracted, “Abracadabra.” Nothing. How does this damn thing work? 

I focused and pressed the wand harder, “Hookie Pookie,” something clicked, a ray of green light thwacked him. He vanished into thin air. 

The white tiger transformed into a charming prince who approached me, “Thank You for saving my life, Good Witch.” 
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