The Hanging Wisdom

The Hanging Wisdom

One more sinister night sets its firm foot on the virtuous daylight. The woods hear the flutter of unseen wings. The tall shadowed pines stretch up like arrows in the sky. Shinning through a lattice of leaves, the crescent moon too is fearful of the dark forest.

 Hey! But I’m not. I can walk out of my dark prisons and embrace the sturdy boughs. The weather is so cold and hostile…ohooo…but that’s what puts the predators to their sleepy dens, making a clear way for me to explore the heart of the mysterious woods. No one, absolutely no one to poke a nose in my sweep…… crunch crunch …..Jesus, what sound is that? Someone following me? Thud thud…the footsteps are many it seems…..let me settle behind this robust maple. 

Henry, look out for the snaky creepers. They might just strangle you. 

Wait George. Don’t rush too far or we won’t be able to wind our way back home.

Oh.. these seem to be a bunch of bloody young boys. What are they doing here at the stroke of midnight? Has this twitter generation pioneered trendy night picnics? Or are they playing a Halloween here? Never know this novice inexperienced enthusiasm can jump into anything. 

Viola …this seems to be the right place….Henry, Jude, lets bury our past here.

George dig a little deeper…..the jack should not pop out.

There you go Henry, push the baggage of guilt in it.

In the name of the father and holy spirit….

Something’s fishy!! 

Bang on!! Just perfect!  Now even her soul will not be able to neck out from this grave.

Do you think we did the right thing, George? Hopefully the winds have not gone too far.

Oh C’mon Jude, we were just trying to have fun. She threatened us with dire consequences. Wearing provocative clothes and trying to be Mother Mary!! We couldn’t let her die virgin. Big deal….California will not miss a bitch less.

But was killing the only solution? We have not even written our High School examinations and our hands stink of murderous blood. 

Go then. Go tell the cops, Henry, Jude and George raped and killed a nettlesome babe!!

God gracious…..these nervy lots are murderers!!! What might have begun in broad daylight is trying to suffice itself in the dark. Sometimes I fail to understand, when the creator has blessed these humans with straight lives, why do they topple it upside down with their actions? A cursed creature like me has to hang all its life upside down to see the world straight. Sorry, feel the world straight. Man is blessed with a sight and not vision. Who better than a blind mammal like me tell the importance of vision? Jesus, as I enter my dark cellars to hide from the blinding light, may not these youngsters ever be abandoned from the light of wisdom to the lonely darkness of prisons. The cocooned world of their families will turn upside down. Amen.  


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2 thoughts on “The Hanging Wisdom

  1. Very touching and chilling story. Yes, we lost our wisdom on way 😕
    Wonderful narrative .

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