The Healing Hand

The Healing Hand

Dr. Hill, the famous eye surgeon had to retire from his practice at the early age of forty-five. His eyes were afflicted by a rare disease that modern medicine could not cure. Many felt sorry for him, for though he was a skilled surgeon, he couldn’t save his own vision.

The doctor’s deteriorating eyesight did not discourage him from doing the things he liked. He still took Lulu, his 12-year-old Labrador, on walks at the local park. He also cleaned his house himself. At night, he read books in Braille to prepare for the eventual future.

On Christmas eve, exhausted from cleaning his garage, he slept early. He had a strange dream of Melchior* speaking to him, saying, “There’s a surprise for you in the garage.” He woke up bewildered and couldn’t go back to sleep.

Next morning, the doctor opened the door to a snow-covered landscape spread wonderfully white before him. He smiled at the thought of a White Christmas.

Lulu sprinted towards the slightly open garage and poked her head inside. He frowned as he had never opened the main door to his garage ever since he sold his car. Suddenly he remembered the dream.

Curious, he raised the shutter. In the corner of the empty garage sat a boy in tattered clothes. Lulu was already beside him, wagging her tail.

“Who are you?” the doctor asked.

“You know me, doctor!”

“I’m not sure. Were you my patient? How did you get in?”

The boy just smiled. Lulu was whimpering and trying to lick the boy’s forehead, which was bleeding from multiple small wounds as though someone had battered it by thorns. The boy patted Lulu and on his hand was a mark that appeared like a large nail was driven through it. The doctor came closer and checked the boy’s other hand. It had a nail mark there, too.

Dumbfounded, he stared at the boy, then proceeded to say, “Dear child, you have been abused.Let me tend to your wounds.”

“There is no need,” the boy said holding the doctor’s hand, and raised his other to touch the doctor’s eyes. “You have helped thousands of people regain their vision and see the world in color. I can’t let yours turn into black.”

Moments later, the doctor gasped. He could clearly see again. Fully. Before he realized it, tears were falling down his cheeks.

“You are Him!” he exclaimed, realizing the meaning of his dream.

The boy smiled and got up.

“My work here is done. I must leave now.”

“Please stay!” was all the astounded doctor could say.

“I can’t. There are others who need me. But in times of trouble, I’ll be there for you.”

The boy walked away into the frosty winter morning. The doctor stood watching him with a sad smile on his face. Lulu howled as though she was in pain. Soon the boy disappeared among the falling snows. Only his tracks remained and the miracle that he had left behind.


*Melchior -one of the three Magi who gave Jesus Gold when he was born.

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