The Heart Knows

The Heart Knows

NINE was the number of months she got to prepare for the arrival of her first born.The bliss of nurturing life within was unparalleled. Nauseous (literally) ecstasy overcame her. Tiny heartbeats performed a synchronised duet with her hyperdynamic circulation making her blush.

“I love you, baby !! she whispered.

And was rewarded by an enthusiastic flutter in response.

She hogged and slogged for the one she carried. Waddling around like a penguin, she checked and crosschecked every detail that could make the little angel’s life comfortable. The stubborn kicks would make her laugh even as she went about her busy routine.

The bond was indescribable. Divine.

And then he was in her arms!! Her sonny boy!! A bundle of joy!

She wanted to re-live it all over again.

NINE was not the number of months she got to welcome her second child. 

NINE was in fact the date on a hot summer month when she first saw a picture of the infant. Her heart picked up the distant, lonely heartbeats and played havoc with her circulation. It reminded her of a silent promise she had made to the cosmos some time ago.

 “But I want to nurture life within me!” She argued.

 “Nurture the life that already exists!” Her heart replied.

“How will the baby know me as the mother?” She doubted.

“The heart always knows!” Her core boasted.

She fumbled and she stumbled as she strived for the resolve her heart carried. Scampering around like a mouse, making hurried arrangements, she wondered if she had it in her to comfort an abandoned heart.

 A few, shared pics would make her smile whenever self-doubt crept in.

And then, all of a sudden, she was in her arms. Her precious princess!  A gift so priceless!

The bond is indescribable. Divine.


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One thought on “The Heart Knows

  1. A simple narrative about the small joys of an expecting mother, the world for her is around the yet to be born, and the emotional, physical preparation for the new arrival. Written with ease.

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