The Heart was Cold

The Heart was Cold

All the feelings,
All the emotions left me then,
It didn’t feel like even numb anymore.

I was alive, yet dead.
The heart was cold, 
They had leeched all the warmth from within.

A mother, a sister and a daughter,
All stood staring blankly,
At the wrongs which no longer could be set right?

Was she just a pair of boobs?
Was she just a vagina?
Was she nothing, just a mere body?

A Goddess mocked at her plight!
They prayed to her for power!!
And they robbed her when full of it!!

The Gods stood silent!
They no longer knew the Adam they had created!
Whom had they sent to heaven?

The heart was cold,
The body alive, yet dead.

The crimes that had been committed!!
The heaven turned to hell !!
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