The Hint of Jealousy

The Hint of Jealousy

The blue sky was dabbed with white fluff of the clouds and sprinkled with hints of pink and purple hues. It was a breezy yet warm evening. All the residents of ‘Bibbliboo Residential’ were busy in their chores. The aroma of sophisticated snacks wafted through the air. 

Seems like we are going to have a paw-licking dinner today,” barked Furtootoo, the leader of the stray dogs living in the colony. All the other hounds stuck out their tongues in delight and agreement.

The animals had been living a decent life at the community. They were provided with good amount of food and leftovers to sustain their living. Even though they were not tamed or groomed, people didn’t fear them. This was the best life these free-ranging dogs could wish for!

Despite the fact that the locals had started owning pets didn’t change their efforts and doings for the un-confined dogs but did it start affecting the behavior of the animals?

“I don’t like Mrs.Esebbo’s new square and thick dog. Have you seen his large round head and eyes!” exclaimed Bhagheera, a tar black dog with beautiful green eyes. 

Continuing the conversation Waggle, the cream colored and black patched companion scoffed “Even those big distant wrinkles on his face make him look hideous.”

The cynicism continued for a few weeks among them. They had all opinionated on every lap dog and puppy in the neighborhood. Jealousy for having to share their attention had taken over the content of the bed of roses provided to them.

The relationship between the groomed and undomesticated animals had gradually erupted with cracks of rivalry with revulsion. 

“We need to take some measures otherwise it won’t be long before all of us are roaming around starving and shivering, just like old times,” commented Furtootoo playing an emotional card in an attempt to hypnotize everyone. 

“I hate to agree, but we all know the members of this gang shall remain invulnerable and shielded as long as we stay in this society” affirmed Padfoot, a mongrel.

By now, the conduct and violent actions had been noticed by the residents. They were not very amused but were not as well ready to believe the ugly truth. It was like they were waiting for a physical evidence to shout them out the harsh reality.

Soon enough, the actuality they were pretending to be vague leaning on un-establishment of hatred display was crystal clear. The pack of stray dogs had collectively pounced on Oreo, a feeble powerless puppy (Mrs. Valetino’s newly bought Chowchow).This lead to a lot of physical and sentimental damage on both the owner and the victim.

This was the last straw. Nobody could shut eyes on the barbaric and brutish act. The canines had to payback for their karma and face the consequences, thus they were all turfed out and sent to animal shelter.

Moral– It is better to realize your true worth. Comparisons are not always pleasant.

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4 thoughts on “The Hint of Jealousy

  1. Very chute story Saumya. Loved the names, very innovative.
    And the moral was super-duper. Loved reading every bit.

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