The Homecoming

The Homecoming

Waking up, one winter morning
As she looked outside the window
And experienced the nasty cold and chilly winds blow
“O God! Have mercy on my son”
“Who is miles apart guarding the nation”
Was all she could pray
Her tears by now refused to sway 

Dainty snowflakes by now covered the roads
Causing the traffic being slowed
Standing in the balcony, her eyes searched for only person
None other than her only son
Once again its the end of the year

Biting low temperature and stabbing cold breeze
Almost made her body freeze
But her heart refused to move inside
And silently she cried
Her prayers are invincible
Waiting for some miracle

“He’ll surely come this time”, thought she
As her shivering hands poured sizzling hot coffee
“Ma, one for me too”, a voice said
Startled! She turned and found her son
She hugged him and experienced the warmth of sun
Overbearing the chilly weather 
For her, a bright day has just begun
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