The Hunter

The Hunter

Samantha zoomed her van through the foggy road early in the morning. She noticed someone waving his hand. She halted.

“Could you please drop me to the nearest town?” A lanky, unshaven guy with a bleeding leg asked. “My name is Mike. I’m a hunter. I lost my way, and was attacked by a wild dog.”

“Hop in,” Samantha flashed a benevolent smile. “I am Samantha and this is my sister, Ruby.” She pointed towards the woman sitting beside her.

“This road is usually desolated,” Samantha said as she drove. “It’s unusual to find people here.”

“My car broke down. By the way, what are these?” Mike pointed towards the sacks stacked behind.

“These are terrace-grown vegetables that Ruby and I sell at the market every week. The poor girl is deaf and dumb since birth!” Samantha sighed.

“That’s a deep wound,” She remarked. “Very unlikely for an animal attack!”

They neared police check point. Each vehicle was inspected before release. Mike grew restless. 

“Turn left and take that detour,” he commanded urgently.

Samantha was perplexed. 

Mike pulled out a hunting knife with serrated edges from his long boots.

“Do as I say or else, she dies.” He pressed the knife deep into Ruby’s throat, as drops of blood trickled. 

Samantha instantly steered left.

“Who are you?” She cried.

Mike greedily gulped water from her bottle. “I admire your astute observation. This isn’t an animal bite, but a bullet wound.” He chuckled. “Have you heard about the infamous highwayman? Yeah, that’s me. I looted some cash from a traveller. Amidst our tussle, the rascal shot me on my leg. I ripped his head off in one blow!” Mike wiped his knife with his shirt sleeve.

The van screeched to a halt. 

“What happened?” Mike growled.

“I… don’t know. Need to check,” Samantha said.

They both walked towards the boot.

“The engine’s overheated. The radiator needs water,” Samantha said. “There’s a lake nearby.”

“Okay,” Mike nodded. “But be back soon. If you try to act smart, Ruby will be dead meat!”

Samantha rushed with an empty can.

Twenty minutes passed. Mike grew anxious.

“Where’s that wretched sister of yours?” Mike barked. “Gosh! Why am I even talking to this dumb woman?”

“Run for your life!” Ruby whispered.

Mike was gobsmacked. 

“You… can… talk?”

“She’s watching you. Run if you don’t want to end up there.” She gestured towards the stack behind.

Mike untied one sack cautiously. A hand fell off followed by a bloodied leg. Clenching his nose, he retched. In the other sacks, he discovered severed head and other body parts.

THUD! A hard blow fell on his head that blinded him. He writhed in tremendous pain. 

“Have you heard about the infamous serial killer on the loose? Yeah, that’s me!” Samantha sneered. “My dim-witted sister needs to learn not to scare away my prey!” She scowled at Ruby who was shaking with fear. “Haven’t I warned you to keep mum so that I can slaughter peacefully? Now keep calm and watch me in action.”

“Adios, highwayman!” Samantha chortled and raised her sword, as a devastating cry rent the air. The hunter was hunted!


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