The Interplanetary Purpose

The Interplanetary Purpose

The interiors of the clinic was pristine and well-lit. It appeared like a clinical studio with little clutter. The enormous room was painted ivory and the interiors matched the shades of the wall. There was an ivory shaded bookshelf that encased a sizeable amount of books worth reading. From medical books to classics, Ruskin Bond to Agatha Christie, from PG Woodhouse to Charles Dickens, the collection was far from stupendous. 

A client examination table, a resting chair and doctor’s seat were placed right in the middle of the room. At the extreme corner, an ivory table with a few more notepads, pen stand and paperweight were placed. The most notable feature of the room were the French windows that let the natural light to fall in evenly. The windows were lined with natural indoor plants in grand white pots and offered a welcoming look to the visitors. 

A royal statue of The Buddha in single stone marble was exquisitely carved and placed right in front of the window on an ivory stand. There were a few storage boxes lining the walls at the top on one side. While the whole interior was extravagantly decorated in shades of ivory, a plush royal brown leather cushioned chair was the only exception to the otherwise monochrome interior. An ivory clock adorned one side of the wall directly facing the doctor’s chair.

Overall, an impressive feel. Tastefully decorated. Luxurious. Lavish. Aesthetic.

Dr. Kavisha was excited and stirred by the prospect of her next visiting client, Avika. She was seated in her doctor’s chair and swinging back and forth for the clock to strike five. It was five minutes to five when the receptionist called in. 

“Ma’am, your next patient Avika is here. Can I —”

Kavisha interrupted, “Send her in. Quick! Now!”


Avika looked extremely nervous, edgy, timid, anxious and fearful. Dr. Raman had referred this case and he completely trusted Kavisha to handle this.

He had shared the patient details and then had called up to say, “This is a crucial case. You can do it. Just take it.”

Dr. Kavisha wasn’t just an ordinary medical practitioner; she was a psychologist along with being a Past Life Regression therapist.

She believed, ‘Life is unpredictable! Live it. Everyday.’

Her motive was to bring a change in people’s lives. She knew Avika was different and needed a remedy beyond ordinary.

She reminded herself, ‘Avika is different. Handle her. With care.’

She tried to strike a conversation with Avika. Kavisha had her own charm of extracting information from everyone.

She started off in an unconventional manner. “You can trust me. I can help. Have faith.”

Avika looked nervous. But Kavisha’s words and warmth reassured her. She felt certain. Secure. Safe.

She opened up her Pandora’s box of emotions and feelings and all the ghostly feelings pervading within. Avika had never opened up to anyone so freely before. She already felt a deep sense of solace within. She felt calm. At Ease. Relieved.

The case history of Avika was rather detailed. She had been a confident young woman in her thirties when the issues began. Being happily married for over a decade, she couldn’t conceive. She felt shattered. Let down. Dejected.

Her world seemed to be collapsing around her when suddenly she started experiencing severe muscle and joint pain. Yet another shock. Devastating. Painful.

Due to depression, she began to overlook the pain and never consulted a doctor. Later, tests revealed that she had started suffering from muscular atrophy that was a rather severe condition. Avika couldn’t find any relief nor did she make an attempt to reverse the condition. Her health declined. Majorly. Severely.

Not just physical, but even at the mental and emotional level, Avika seemed to have lost the battle. The doctors had advised physical exercises and daily walk along with medicine but Avika refused to start any therapy. 

Dr. Raman was her consulting physician, a specialist and consultant neurologist. When he realised that Avika needed help beyond just medicine, he had referred her to Kavisha. 

Dr. Kavisha was a talented woman in her early forties. However, she looked no more than thirty years old. She was initially just a practicing psychologist. However, as years passed by, Kavisha had suffered a void in her professional as well as personal life. 

She had taken a sabbatical and attended a few retreats. One of them happened to be a retreat on Past Life Regression and Future Life Progression therapies at a resort in Lonavala. It was insightful. Intriguing. Fascinating.

That had changed her own life and given her a fresh new perspective towards life. She felt the urge and had an inner calling to include PLR as part of her regular therapy and practice along with psychology. This journey that had begun about three years ago, suddenly earned her a lot of reputation and popularity. Many clients started visiting her and her name spread far and wide by mere word of mouth publicity. She had found a new purpose. She had started enjoying this therapy and had grown passionate about it. She had the experience of handling and conducting successful cases after all.

Three years. Five hundred cases. Ninety percent success rate.

Kavisha knew immediately that only a past life regression session can help. It was effective. Trustworthy. Reliable.


A schedule was fixed for the following afternoon. Avika looked more hopeful and a ray of hope seemed to penetrate her. Her face expressed the anticipated anxiety and Dr. Kavisha felt grateful. Grateful to help. To support. Care.

The session began the following day at ten in the morning. 

Avika was advised a few particular instructions to be ready for a prospective successful session. Wear comfortable cotton clothes. Eat light. Have faith.

Avika was made to lie down comfortably on the resting chair. The curtains were drawn, lights were dimmed. The air conditioner was set to a comfortable temperature. A light blanket helped to cover Avika’s body.

She was made to relax comfortably by letting her inhale and exhale deeply. Breathe in deep. Feel the energy. Breathe out. Relax.

Her eyes were to remain closed. Dr. Kavisha guided Avika through a deep state of meditative, conscious hypnotic trance. A state of relaxation. Peaceful. Tranquil.

Which meant that Avika was to have a conscious memory and remembrance of the varied events. She was specifically requested to be as transparent as possible about the revelations. Any fear, apprehensions, darkness, pain, emotions was to be clearly expressed during the process to aid healing. Dr. Kavisha had reinforced three important statements.

Have faith in the universe. Have faith in yourself. Have faith in your therapist.

Whatever the outcome, Dr. Kavisha had assured that it won’t cause any side effects or even better, will definitely not worsen the condition. Relief was assured. A faint hope. Dreams.

The session was guided by Kavisha and with her expertise, Avika easily slipped into a trance. Her breath slowed. Her heartbeats calmed. Her eyes relaxed.

Soon after a guided meditation healing Kavisha uttered, “You are now connected to a past life. Let me know what you feel. See it. Feel it. Just experience.”

Kavisha always knew that past life regression was not always and necessarily a visual experience. It could be connected through any of the sensory organs, sight, smell, taste, feel or sound. Even if none of the above worked, the sixth sense or the intuition always worked wonders. 

Her sublime elegance to manoeuvre a client through past lives was surreal. Avika was no different. She started experiencing a difference.


(Avika’s surreal experience as narrated by her in the trance state)

“It’s dark. Just darkness. No light.”

Kavisha pushed her but in a calm tone so as to not disturb her trance.

“It takes a while to get adjusted. Take your time. Relax. Calm down. Feel it,” she said. 

Kavisha continued to murmur.

“It’s not Earth. It’s Placidon 490. Much bigger. Stronger.”

Kavisha asked, “Does it mean you are on another planet? Do you see yourself there? What is your role? Take your time and check.”

Avika continued, “I’m a warrior. Much bigger. Nine times bigger. Than mere humans.”

Her tone seemed to be ridiculing the power of humans. She was truly in a deep state of trance and experiencing the past life.

Kavisha had encountered clients with outer planet experience but this was rare. She always felt, Extra Planet experiences! Totally uncanny. Mysterious. Kavisha loved to gather notes on such experiences to add to her research work later.

Kavisha had already informed Avika before the start that relevant information may be recorded or noted by her for reference and information purposes. However, she had also assured confidentiality and privacy on the information collected. Her approach was highly professional. 

Avika continued, “We are a happy planet. My body is much bigger and blue. Hey! What’s this? I don’t have hands. I have fins. 

“My feet are webbed. I waddle. The air is viscous. We are a very small clan. Everyone lives happily together. The men, women, children. We are protectors of all the other planets too. We have an important role. We are trained to be warriors,” her face beamed with pride. 

Kavisha guided her further, “Go to a time on that planet when you begin to experience a reason for the pain you experience here. Let’s know what is the connection?”

Avika exclaimed,

 “It’s a war. We are under attack. I need to save them.”

Kavisha just let her speak and muttered, “And then?”

Avika said, “I’m their leader. They trust me. Need to fight.

Kavisha enquired, “Who are you being attacked by? Do they belong to the same place. Some enemy clan?”

Avika said, “They are the inhabitants of our neighbouring planet Belora 1441. They want to capture us. Destroy us.

Kavisha started getting more excited. As a therapist, she was a thorough professional. It wasn’t normal of her to get too attached to patients and their cases. 

But sometimes, things were different. She could sense her client’s energies and be totally empathetic to the situation and their experiences. Her workshop retreat on Past Life Regression had made her more sensitive to the presence of energies. This was one. A rare case. Highly stirring.

Kavisha deliberated further, “What are you doing? Are you able to fight back? Is there an army to help you? You said you are strong. Then are you able to defend them?”

Avika responded meekly, “They are equally strong. They defeat us. Capture us.”

And she breaks down… 

Tears of pain continue to well and flow in an unceasing manner. Kavisha lets her experience the trauma and does an energy cleansing to help heal the pain.

She says, “It’s okay! Just gather all your emotions, pain, trauma, sorrow, hurt and all the heaviness in your heart and bring it out of your body above the heart. Put it in a box and drown it under the ocean floor from where it can never —.”

Avika cries suddenly, “Wait. There’s more. I’m in captivity. I’m shackled. I’m bound. Aaaa… ahhh!!!”

She lets out a painful cry. Her body wriggles and withers in excruciating pain. Her screams fill the soundproof cabin. Kavisha experiences goosebumps.

“So, is this the reason for the muscle pain in this life?” Kavisha ponders. But Avika is not done yet. 

Avika pursues, “My entire body is wound with a thorned metal mesh. It pierces deep into my skin. Wait. I’m still alive. Here. And there.”

Kavisha had never encountered a case so extraordinary. How can a life partially exist here and there. She got even more curious to extract more. 

She asked Avika, “Are you alive in both places at the same time! As in now. In the present?”

Avika nods her head in response. Between groans of excruciating pain, she continues, “My clan has disowned me. They had trusted me. I broke their trust. I deserve this.

“The shackles are still hurting me. I’m unable to move my fins. Can you please help rescue me a bit,” she pleads.

Though Kavisha had never encountered a case like this before, she had read some references to solving such complex cases. 


The idea was to invoke the blessings and presence of Goddess Thao, the Goddess of the Universe who could relieve such cases.

A prayer session was guided through to invoke Goddess Thao. An inconceivable event occurred. Both Kavisha and Avika found themselves in the presence of Goddess Thao. They were transported to Her presence somewhere in the endless space and both could feel the powerful energies of The Goddess enveloping them. 

Goddess Thao spoke to Kavisha, “Guide her. Release her. Free her. You can do it. You alone.”

Kavisha felt like being transported to planet Placidon 490. She felt her Soul had been transported there to release Avika who was the inhabitant of that planet and bound by thorned metal mesh piercing deep into her skin. 

Kavisha carefully removed and eased out the shackles from the alien form of Avika. With every release, Avika heaved a sigh of relief. Her pain eased. After a few more minutes, she was relatively free.

Kavisha felt like being transported back to the therapy studio. Having held a rather steady mind, Kavisha recovered quickly and continued with the process of healing. 

Avika’s body seemed to wither and fall flat. After a few minutes, however, she was awakened to her senses. 

Avika said calmly, “I feel much better now. The pain is reducing. I am healing. Restoring. Curing.

“But I am being told that though this pain has reduced, my retribution is incomplete. I have to suffer the atrocities of this low energy planet and play my role as part of my sufferings and disciplinary hearing. Only then, I can merge back as one with my Soul back on Placidon 490. My planet. My home. My comfort zone.

Kavisha guided Avika out of the parallel life back to her normal state of the present. She had helped Avika discover the reason for her muscle pain and atrophy. It was a session that had lasted a good five hours; the longest one Kavisha had ever had or experienced.

Avika felt much lighter and more energetic than when she had first entered the clinic the previous day. She was brimming with tears of ecstasy and requested Kavisha to see her again the next morning for a post therapy session. Kavisha agreed. 


Avika arrived at Dr. Kavisha’s studio at the appointed hour. Avika together with Kavisha recalled the entire incident and all the unusual occurrences from the morning. 

Avika mentioned, “Doctor, I am not in the least bit happy to know that I have to continue living life here even though I actually belong to a much better place. Why should I suffer?”

Kavisha smiles and calmly responded, “We are all here for a reason. We have a few lessons to learn. A few purpose to fulfil. A few dreams to catch. We wouldn’t be sent here if there wasn’t a reason, would we?

“So! Accept life with Grace. With poise. With elegance. You must remember that once your lessons are learnt and time to serve is complete, you must leave. It’s inevitable. Be calm. Relax.”

The session concluded.

(A few months later)

Avika had booked an urgent appointment with Dr. Kavisha. She had called in to book the first available appointment available and also mentioned it as rather urgent.

Kavisha felt rather startled. She had heard from Dr. Raman that Avika was now doing well. Avika had also sent in assuring messages of her recovery to Dr. Kavisha. It was rather surprising that Avika had called in for an urgent meet up. 

Kavisha was waiting in her clinic when Avika entered looking way more gorgeous that Kavisha had ever seen her. 

Though Avika was good looking, all her charm and beauty along with confidence had been lost in the battle of depression and ill-health earlier.

But today, Avika looked stupendously magnificent. Kavisha was pleasantly surprised to see this transformation in Avika. 

She invited Avika in. “Come on in. Look at you! You look gorgeous,” she exclaimed.

Avika wore a bright smile and her eyes sparkled bright. The Avika whose confidence and charm was lost was totally restored. Her eyes radiated a spark and her body language exuded supreme conviction.

“Dr. Kavisha! I just can’t thank you enough. You have transformed my life. You are my Sunshine. You added life. You healed. Gratitude,” she confessed.

Dr. Kavisha smiled and countered, “That isn’t why you are here, I’m sure. Tell me the real reason Avika. I’m sure there’s a good news you have to share with me.”

Avika blushed, “Doctor, you are right. I’m cured. I’m pregnant. I’m delighted. I’ve found purpose.”

Dr. Kavisha couldn’t believe what she had just heard. Avika was to be a mother soon. The news delighted her. 

She immediately offered a sincere gratitude to the universe. A healing prayer. A little thank you. A heartfelt respect.

Past life regression had transformed the lives of many, including her own self. But today, sitting and thanking her for the Universe’s help was Avika, who was cured not just of her Muscular Atrophy but had also conceived. She had found a purpose to live. To connect. To liberate. To fulfil. To complete. All before she departed back to where she had come from; Placidon 490.
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