The Invisible Show

The Invisible Show

Jason was confused. He couldn’t decide if he was to believe his brother Nick or his own eyes. The incidents Nick has been narrating sounded real, except that they were invisible to him.

“Jay, come. Let’s feel the wind on our cheeks. It’s fun!” Nick threw open the attic window and sat gazing at the green pastures overlooking their house. At the far end, in a lonely corner, stood a decaying treehouse. It was his mom who familiarized him with the world beyond their home. And now, he has taken up the baton.  

“Leave me alone! I’m not in a mood for your silly stuff.” Retorted Jason. 

“Jay, look! The sentries started their practice march. You might get to see the king if you are lucky.” exclaimed Nick, in delight. 

“I can’t see a single soul around that treehouse. No one lives there; forget about kings and sentries. Don’t try to fool me.” Jason was about to skip off when his brother let out a whoop.

“Wait! There’s some movement behind those curtain walls. Today might be the king’s court day,” said Nick cheerfully. 

“Are you nuts? I told you several times; it’s not a castle.” Jason was sure about it. Yet, he couldn’t shrug off Nick’s story. Why can’t I see those things? He rubbed his eyes and peeked through the window. All he could see was a lone treehouse that, like a dying man, was fighting the onset of Cheyne-Stokes breathing.

“They are opening the portcullis. The king will appear any moment. Sit tight.” Nick straightened his posture. “Look, that’s the king. He’s sitting on a destrier, and his ministers are riding the rounceys.”

Jason’s eyes moved back and forth between his brother and the treehouse. Does he have extraordinary eyesight or, is he daydreaming? “I better be off before I lose my mind over your silly tales.”

Nick’s eyes were fixed on the view outside the window. “Mom and dad will be back from work shortly. Till then, let’s watch the show. Alright?”

“What…”  Before Jason could complete his sentence, Nick gave a shrill cry. 

“Oh, no! That’s the enemy troop; the ones with the Corinthian helmet. It’s an ambush.” Nick shivered in fear while his brother stood gaping in awe. “There, one soldier beheaded. Good Lord! They are after the king.” He screamed, pointing his finger at someone, “You…look behind…oh no! Another soldier down. They are laying siege to the castle. Will they force the queen and the little princess to surrender? God heavens! Let’s pray for them.” 

A loud knock jerked them. Before heading towards the door, Jason looked daggers at his brother. Nick followed suit, but somehow he tripped and fell from the stairs. 

And with that fall, the truth got unveiled. The visiting doctor stated that Nick was at the last stage of losing his eyesight. 

Jason hugged his brother and sobbed incessantly. “You know what, your prayers were answered. The king fought bravely, and now, the castle and the princess is safe.”
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