The Janus Faced

The Janus Faced

I woke up and saw the blue curtains drawn up .The subtle sun beam gave a golden tinge to the bedroom walls. Stella, my wife was up, I knew. The clock showed 7 am. I rolled over a bit on my king-size bed. I felt better today. I pushed back my red blanket away and stretched my limbs after ages. The new-found suppleness energized me further. Tenderly, I kept both my feet down.” Ah! The soothing cool touch of the marble floor”. Taking the support of the headboard I managed to get up. The constant supine position had made the lumbar stiff. I did some twisting to remove the rigidity. “Voila am back on my feet? How did this happen overnight?” I thought. Inside my mind I was already running a Marathon. I wanted to jump and fly.” No more Sister Neeta’s assistance. I will go on a long drive with Stella and later join back to the office.” My eyeballs halted at the sight of the metal crutch. “Should I take them?, Nah! I should try without them. What if I limp and fall?” Innumerable thoughts raced through my mind. But to my surprise I didn’t limp a bit.

Stella, where are you my love, look, Surprise?” With no response, I decided to go down.


Poor Stella, was managing both house and business for the past 6 months. Stella and I were newly married when this tragedy occurred. It all started with a normal viral fever, that progressed into an acute weakness. Dr.Rishi, my friend, opined it was a rare muscular disorder. “Its genetic”. He revealed. I was left bewildered and suffered a depression but brave Stella took everything in a stride.


Taking the support of the handrail I went down the stairway towards the living room. “She must be inside the kitchen preparing breakfast”.Ah! There she is busy with her headphones on. No doubt my voice didn’t reach her”. I concluded. 

Her hands moved with dexterity. Hiding behind the door, I stood there admiring her curly tresses and flawless skin. Her pink T-shirt and blue shorts accentuated her contours and aroused the wild passion in me.

My reverie broke when I saw her adding something to my plate. “What was it”? I wasn’t sure. Still hiding behind the doors I saw her exit the kitchen and go up the stairs. I followed her clandestinely.

Honey your breakfast. Honey”! 

Wait, who was she waking up?”A closer look and I froze in disbelieve seeing my dead self. “It can’t be true!” I whispered. She stayed motionless for a while and later dialled a number. “ Hello Rishi, come home immediately”. She spoke nervously. I felt aghast and helpless. “How will she survive without me?”

Rishi entered and checked for my pulse.  “David is dead. The slow poison has worked”. He said and they both broke into an impish grin embracing each other passionately. I felt a thousand bayonets piercing my soul as they unmasked themselves guiltless.


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