The Journey of a Soul 

The Journey of a Soul 

She’s on the terrace, staring at the moon. The night sky is shining bright, it’s a boon. Her eyes twinkle with joy, as she spots a bright star. She gazes at it, it’s shining like glitter. 

She smiles as a verse pops into her head. She notes it down on her scratch pad.

“The moon is bright and calm, and you’re out of my sight,
 Holding you close is a dream, for, you’re my deep intent.” 

Her smile vanishes in an instant. A gush of old memories strikes her and the pool of emotions breaks her apart. She runs into her room and gazes at the mirror. Her reflection is plain with the pains she suffers. She’s heartbroken and pained. Her lover left her ditched.

She loved him with the entirety of her heart. He claimed so too but didn’t consider her love a bit. His passion came over her emotion. He left her lonely and broken. 

She lost herself to nothingness, unable to love or shine. She’s seeking a soul, who could be her inspiration. Though, it’s hard to find someone. Everyone is involved in a race and they forget the love of the family. While one is looking for the ones who could love them truly. 

She’s alone in the night seeking empathy. Though, she knows that she is offered is sympathy. She’s still melancholy.

You’re the only muse. “ A voice echoes in the room, shooking her to the core. 

Yeah, You need to find your emotion. It’s within you and you need to seek it in your soul.” The voice echoes again. 

She’s shivering and looking into the mirror. She finds her own reflection telling something to her. She looks at herself, to find a woman on the other side. She watches a girl, a daughter and a sister, a professional and a woman who lives in this world so wide. 

You’re your own muse, love thy self to emerge as the winner.” The voice echoes in the room and she’s still gaping at the mirror. 

“You’re the soul of your dreams and the wind beneath the wings. Spread them higher, and you’ll be flying higher breaking the bubbles. You need to contemplate your thoughts.” her inner voice whispers, considerate of her wishes. 

She’s lost in her thoughts when the realization strikes. She’s in the middle of her path when reality smacks. Her smile widens only to realise that she’s musing outside herself to seek peace. All the while, she’s her own muse. 

She stands up and looks into her own eyes in the mirror, so crystal-clear. She’s confident enough to walk further. Her face oozes confidence and her lips curve into a smile. 

Her journey has come to an ending and everything can be achieved when you put in your soul and sole. 


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