The King of Fruits

The King of Fruits

The little girl in the corner waits for you.
The granny complains that your arrival is overdue.
The scorching summer sun brings one good thing with it.
You add to the colour yellow a touch of your own hue.

“The King of fruits”, a title for you making a perfect fit,
Among the masses you are undoubtedly a hit.
Juicy, tangy, succulent, words just not enough in your praise.
Your enigmatic touch to the lips makes many hearts lit.

Your heavenly presence is enough for the bar to raise,
Be it yogurt, milk, chocolate or anything, you never fail to amaze.
A human being, only alien to this world, would show you no love.
Your artistic, curvy appearance sets many eyes agaze.

Varieties for rich and not so rich show that you equally belove.
The enriching experience offered to the taste buds sets you above.
Help braving the harsh summer with your support O dear mango!
Unite the people in your festivals* and be the dove.

 * * *

*festivals refer to the various mango eating festivals
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