The King

The King

Simha, the lion sat with his wife, Mohini. The animals had congregated to see their new prince and to participate in the magnificent naming ceremony. Simha stood up, lifted the lion cub, and roared aloud, “I name the prince Shera”. The animals felt joyful seeing their new prince. 

Two years had passed and Shera had grown into a strong lion. He enjoyed playing with his friends and bravely went along trails, previously forbidden.  One afternoon, he received the good news that he was going to be a big brother. Shera’s joy grew no bounds! Months passed and his brother was born. Once again, Simha lifted the new-born. The prince’s face glowed as the evening rays fell. Simha announced, “He will be called Surya!” 

Shera loved spending time with Surya. Mohini was strict and scolded the cubs if they didn’t obey. However, Shera always defended his brother. “Ma! He is so little. Don’t scold him”. Years passed by and Surya was a powerful lion. One afternoon, as Shera lay under a tree, a fox stopped by, “Do you know the animals love Surya and want him to be the new king?” Shera growled, “Why do you care? My father is the king now!” The fox cunningly replied, “Don’t you see he is growing old! Surya will become the king. He plans to kill you soon. Everyone is talking!” Shera roared, and the fox slinked away. Deep in his heart, Shera knew that Surya was stronger than him, as constantly proven in their friendly fights.

A week later, Shera saw Surya speaking to their father, “See, Chimpu the monkey found this crown. He told me that humans wear a crown when they are coronated. Could I wear it?” Simha replied, ” You will soon wear one!” Hearing this, Shera’s eyes were filled with tears. “My father also wants Surya to be the king!”, he cried. He stormed off, deep into the jungle. The words of the fox filled his mind. Anger rose! He roared, “How can Surya aspire to be the king while I am alive! Surya, I will kill you!” Saying thus, he walked back angrily deciding to take revenge.

But he saw Surya walking towards him. “Where have you been Shera? I have been worried for you since a long time.” Shera was furious, ready to attack, when Surya dived in front of Shera as an arrow pierced Surya. Blood oozed out. “What did you do?”, asked Shera. Surya replied, “I saw the arrow coming towards you. I wouldn’t let any harm come to you. I wished to see your coronation. I have a crown for your coronation ceremony. You will be a great king with a good heart. May you live a long life! I remember how you protected me from Ma’s scolding…”. Saying this, Surya breathed his last.

Shera lay next to his brother, weeping inconsolably. That day, he learnt something that he would always remember. “Don’t rely on hearsay. Think before you act!”


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One thought on “The King

  1. Brilliant narration with a nice take from one of my favourite movies, in the beginning. Your story telling has a great charm which enlivens all the characters and bring them to life. Streaks of emotions of Shera and Surya are very touching. Dialogues are well placed providing maximum impact. Loved the way you presented this fable and kudos on the very apt moral.

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