The Kite

The Kite

Bright was the day. The people on the ground were buzzing.

Dipu was sitting silently at one corner of the ground. He was looking at the clear sky with despair. In a few minutes he knew the sky will be filled with the colourful lively kites. He had prepared himself for this day for the last six months. But the last afternoon misadventure made him to be a mute spectator.


He was all set for the event. Last afternoon, he wanted to give the last practice before the D-day. He had released the kite in the gentle breeze. The kite went into the sky like a flying serpent.

He released the kite further high. The kite moved around the sky as if it was a bird which had just earned freedom from its cage.

Suddenly, there was a gust of wind. Accidentally, he lost the grip on the thread the kite flew away.

He ran behind the kite like a mad dog until the kite crossed the compound wall.

The gust took the kite away above the adjoining slum area and then became invisible. With this, Dipu lost his only hope of victory in the kite festival. 


He heard claps all around. The competition had started.

The kites flew into the sky and formed a beautiful colourful canopy. He raised his head and was in serendipity when he saw his kite at the top of the canopy. 

Who is this skilful flyer?’ 

When the results were declared, he found out that a boy from the slum was the flyer of his kite who won the competition. 

“What a kite this boy has made” the judge exclaimed looking at the crowd while patting Sanju, the slum-boy.

“I did not make the kite,” Sanju confessed. “Though I know how to fly a kite, I don’t know how to make one. I could not purchase any kite for the festival. I had got this kite stuck on a tree near my house yesterday.”

“Whose kite this?” The judge asked the crowd. 

Dipu wanted to come forward and claim the kite but did not do it as he felt the kite was in better hands.

Suhash, Dipu’s friend, yelled from the crowd, “I know, the kite belongs to Dipu. He made it by himself.” Suhash pointed his finger towards Dipu. The crowd looked at Dipu in unison.

The judge invited Dipu onto the stage. He handed over the trophy to both Dipu and Sanju and distributed the prize money between the two boys.

“I am happy that my kite own. But, what’s use of a kite, without the flyer?” Dipu gave his share of money to Sanju.

“Have this kite too. This my gift for you.” Dipu congratulated Sanju.

The judge was quite impressed. He declared, “Today’s winners are truth and compassion.”

He also announced that Dipu’s kite design he would recommend for the child innovation award. 

Dipu and Sanju raised the trophy amidst the thunderous applause from the crowd.
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