The Land of Celestial Bloom

The Land of Celestial Bloom

Melancholy oozes from the somber winter night
In my earthly slumber, I see you
A little ashamed, a little hesitant
The medic is trying to keep me alive
While, you, the magnificent Death God greets me at the door.

The soul is shrivelled and the mind
Waltzing in memories bygone
I see a murky chaos of past events
And realise that death, itself, is a grandiose of mysteries.

But leave I must
I part the physical entity to enter a land of Celestial bloom
Where no hatred, no envy, no jealousy can freeze hearts
No Cold War kills your inner reservoirs of love and peace.

Here the air is pure
Amazing sights, I see
The eternal plan is a pure delight
Orchards flow, the sun casts an ethereal, luminous glow
I feel the warmth as I bask in the home of God’s Grace.

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