The Last Desk

The Last Desk

Lalitha had finished cleaning the office room and was about to leave for the day. The words of the doctor still haunted her .

“I am afraid. Dhwani is suffering from a rare kind of cancer and she cannot survive without a bone marrow transplant .It needs to be done at the earliest 

Being a single mother, Lalitha had to bear the entire expenses of her daughter’s education along with her ailing mother. It was a great difficulty that she managed to get this job as an office cleaner in a multinational company after the sudden death of her husband Anil due to an accident. It had just been a couple of months since she had joined here.Although she hated to ask for money or a donor who would be ready for a bone marrow transplant, she knew now that she had no other choice but to beg.

“Lalitha , you are already late don’t you want to return home on time tonight”.

The words of Prerna , a senior IT executive, sitting on the last desk in the office brought her back to reality. 

“I want to go home Mam , but I won’t be able to come tomorrow Mam . I have to be at the hospital tomorrow. I have to find a donor for my daughter…..” 

These were the only words that Lalitha was able to utter before she broke down weeping in front of Prerna. Prerna listened to the words of Lalitha for a long time. Lalitha was feeling awkward for sharing all these information with an absolute stranger. She had never interacted with Prerna before

“I know you are a true fighter . I feel you can arrange for a donor soon. Just have faith in yourself. Miracles do happen only if you believe them wholeheartedly.”

Prerna ‘s words gave Lalitha a new spark of hope. The next morning when she reached the hospital , the Surgeon called her and said

“We have found a donor for your daughter’s bone marrow transplant. She is also going to bear the entire expenses for Dhwani ‘s treatment.”

Lalitha had heard that

“Adulation from unexpected avenues can bring back zest like magic”

She was now literally seeing the miracle happening infront of her eyes. 

“Who is the donor ? Can I see her once? “

Lalitha noticed a familiar figure standing near the last desk as she asked these questions.

Lalitha approached to thank Prerna but was told by the nurse, standing there

“Prerna  Dixit has expired five years ago due to blood Cancer. She worked as an IT executive in a multinational company. 

Lalitha ‘s face turned white as a sheet for a while. She learnt to believe in miracles more strongly after this incident.
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