The Last Journey of You and Me

The Last Journey of You and Me

“My life would have short-lived, had I not brought you here”. Ayush leaned on the steel parapet by the edges of a private yacht which was drifting through. The turquoise water behind his yacht was frothing into a line of wide lather; and those countless bubbles suffered eclipse as they sailed away; alike the countless dreams that Ayush kept knotting.

The mountain that ran alongside their yacht gowned in snow returned him the sparkling light that his face lit up with. It was his wish to find her the place she wanted to be in, his last gift to her. “I’d want to lean on a soft couch of a yacht, if I could ever save enough this is what I’d want.”. Ayush had heard her say. 

As the cloud slipped through the edges of mountain peak, he, blindfolding her from the cabin, took her out and unfolded her eyes.

“Oh my god, this is unbelievable” pausing for a moment she turned around to face him. Her face sparked and beamed in glow so much that the whole universe seemed pale to her glitter.  Then slowly her face turned pale and a drop of tear slipped through her face.

“Why did you take me here? Why do you adore me so much when I’m meant to be someplace else? I feel so bad that despite your love I’m not able to return it. I could not fall in love with you. I tried but failed this marriage.”

Smiling, Ayush narrowed his eyes on her, then slowly he turned to look at far. The cloud floating above the mountain peak, smeared the snow; hiding it into a mysterious cloak. 

“25th May. I remember you asking me to find a place as beautiful as this. A silent valley, a dark blue loch, array of mountains covered in snow, a small boat sailing through the tide, isn’t this what you wanted? I fell in love with this valley when I knew you loved it to be here”. 

Ayush walked towards the edge.

“You may leave me out of your life, but this valley would never do. For me this moment is so invaluable that for my whole life I can run here whenever I so feel. The quietness of this valley is as beautiful as you are. The cold breeze messing with your hair brings me your scent. Trust me, you are present in every bit of this nature”

Ayush came close to her and put on her shoulder a thick jacket. “My dear wife, live your life as you love it”. And then he left a kiss on her cheek.

The water behind their yacht has been quiet again. No wave, no frothing. The blue stream settled back into deep azure shade. ‘You would come back to me, not today, but as soon as cloud over the mountain runs away, you would run into my arms. I know it.’ His mind whispered into his ears.
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