The Last Page

The Last Page

Often, I flip, then stop to look,
On the last page of my notebook.
It makes me travel back in time,
To my friends, my partners in crime,
Who dwell in this last page.

Formula, numbers, and doodles,
What’s for lunch? Sandwich or noodles?
Percent of marks we wished to get,
Science facts we used to forget,
We wrote on this last page.

Tic-tac-toe, FLAMES, and other games,
Scribbles hiding some secret names.
Souvenirs of our adventures,
During those tedious lectures,
Are safe at this last page.

Feelings, ideas, thoughts, and dreams,
Plans for life and various schemes.
Onset of precious memories,
Holding all our childhood stories, 
Treasured is this last page.
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2 thoughts on “The Last Page

  1. This is so apt Arti Joshi. So easily flown into this beautiful poetry yet so strongly nostalgic.

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