The Last Time I Saw Him

The Last Time I Saw Him

SixPens Tale- 1

Version 1

The last time I saw him, he was brooding over his coffin. The droop of the shoulders was like the weight of the world hanging from them. The next morning, he was found dead. What premonition!

Who could it be, I wondered. I never imagined such things could happen in life. Whoever he was had left us all puzzled. I pondered long over his identity and as luck would have it I had the answer before sundown. He turned out to be a man I knew so well- myself!

Then I started thinking about how the impossible had suddenly become possible. It all began two weeks ago. I heard a voice calling me.

Contributed by: Olinda Braganza, Ruchika Gupta Gaba, Beryl Zephyr, Kajal Kapur, Rham Dhel, Sangeeta Shah, Swati Jain, Zarteina Antao.

Version 2

The last time I saw him, his hollow eyes winked at me. I was completely lost into them. Wasn’t the twinkle though, the horror! The horror that stilled my heart. Was there more to his eyes? Eyes darker than black bottomless wells. I hope I wasn’t imagining things. But I was wrong.

Indeed he appeared to be some kind of a macabre incarnation of death itself, a demon, a creature of Night. A chill ran down my spine. My mind and feet were frozen. The frigid cold of countless cemeteries. The lashing rain made it eerie. Death was enveloping me every moment. I wanted to run as fast. Something swept me off my feet. It’s all a dream, I hoped. A bleak hope that’s fading slowly.

The shadow moved abruptly in dark. I tumbled into a freshly dug grave whose walls reeked of decay. I felt the rotten earth move as if trying to bury me. Or, was something trying to rise? I heard his laughter echo through the night, mocking my precarious predicament.

Contributed by: Olinda Braganza, Prabhjot Singh, Beryl Zephyr, Rham Dhel, Kajal Kapur, Janaki Nagaraj, Ruchika Parmar

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