The Leaking Tap

The Leaking Tap

There was a tap at a corner of an abandoned ground. Though unused, it stood there firmly.

One summer morning, it developed a leak. It became very sad. A few drops of water spilled out of its mouth every few seconds.

I should be leak proof. That would make me perfect again.’ The tap grumbled to itself. 

It tried to tighten itself, but could not succeed. It tried to move this way and that, but its solid unyielding structure got in the way. 

‘What a waste of water! How should I stop this?’ It felt miserable and dozed off worrying.

It woke up with the weight of a parrot on it. The bird was trying to balance itself on its knob. The tired parrot had flown down to quench its thirst by pecking at the mouth of the leaking tap. 

“Thank you very much, dear friend. My throat was dry like a desert. I was dying of dehydration. You saved me.” The parrot flew away after expressing her gratitude.

The tap felt elated.

‘I, a mere tap, saved somebody.’ It congratulated itself.

Hours later a flock of pigeons flew in and settled around the tap, cooing. Some pecked water from the tap’s mouth, whereas others nipped water from the wet ground right below. Contented, they flew away to the sky in a lovely formation. 

By evening, the tap had become the precious source of water for the nearby birds. 

A few days later the tap was thrilled to see grass emerge around it. 

This grass is fed by my leaking drops. I am the reason behind these new lives.’ The tap felt excited like a mother who has just been handed her new-born babe.

In a few months the surrounding area became green and lively. The children from the nearby colony started using the ground to play football. The tap was pleased that the children used it to clean their hands and feet in every evening before returning to their homes.

The water flowing from the tap had created a small pool behind it. It provided an avenue for bovines to drink and socialize.

One evening, the tap looked around. It felt contented in the midst of rustling grass, chirping birds, relaxing animals, and playing children. It felt responsible towards almost everything surrounding it.

Suddenly a football came out of nowhere and landed in the pool with a splash. The buffaloes bellowed, the boys shouted, and the birds flew shrieking from the trees.

The tap silently thanked its leak. “I am so lucky to have this leak and not crave for perfection.”

The tap lived happily for many years with its friends.

MORAL – ‘Every leakage does not lead to wastage.’


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