The Light at the End of the Tunnel

A tunnel we all tread in this journey of life.
A demon within on the lookout to cause a strife.
Blocked by the barriers of our own thoughts.
Heart dominates the mind making the decisions drive.

Aware that happiness cannot be bought.
We tend to forget the lessons that life taught.
Overcome the obstacles that life has to offer.
Battles cannot be won unless fought.

We run after money all our lives to fill coffers.
Don’t let pessimism make you a scoffer.
There is light at the end of the tunnel.
Pen your own story, be your own author.

Look for the silver lining above all your troubles.
Don’t demean others in your pride. Be humble.
Lead a life, set example for others.
Remember that life travels faster than the rumble.


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Sonali Bhatnagar Prasad

Sonali Jay Bhatnagar is a work-from-home mother to a two years old. She was introduced to this wonderful coven of writers by a fellow writer. She finds recurring writing events as exercises for the brain and an art for the mind.

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