The Lolirock Adventure

The Lolirock Adventure

It was Saturday afternoon. After lunch, I took my favorite ‘Cookies-N- Cream’ flavor ice cream and sat to watch my favorite show Lolirock on my iPad.

I was really enjoying the episode and was very excited as with this episode, I would be completing Season 2. Though, Season 3 was yet to be released.

The video was about to end but suddenly, a black screen appeared even though I didn’t click anything. 

“What’s this?” I thought. “Is this iPad dead”?

In a flash, some words appeared on my screen. 

It said- “The Kingdom Ephidia is in danger! Princesses had defeated the evil Graymore BUT as you know, Praxina, his assistant, has his mask which is the source of his power. She has also found Graymore’s pet lion Fangs.”

“Praxina and Fangs are still a huge danger to the kingdom!”

“Can you help?”. 

For a second I thought-” Is this leading me to Season three?”

Soon the words disappeared, and two buttons came on my screen. One button said “YES” and the other said “NO”. 

I obviously clicked YES because I knew pretty clearly that it was just a part of the video. 

I only found out it wasn’t when suddenly lots and lots of mist started coming out of my iPad screen very fast and started flooding my room. 

I felt like I was floating in the sky and in seconds I found myself in a mysterious place though it looked a bit familiar.

Then I realized- ” I am teleported to Ephedia, Princess Iris’s Kingdom!”

Everyone was looking at me. Everybody was there- Talia, Auriana, Carissa, Lyna, the elder sister of Talia (Lady Izira), and everyone else.

Everybody was there except Princess Iris! The main character Iris was missing!

I asked Princess Auriana-“Where is Iris? She looked at me confused, and then she whispered- “You are Iris! And you are giving a speech. That’s why everyone has gathered here.”

“What?!” I looked at myself and indeed I WAS Iris!

 I saw Princess Talia winking at me. 

Everyone except the princesses slowly went back to their respective homes. That’s when Talia told me “Nobody knows here about the threat”. 

Princess Lyna told me “We all need to get to the castle.”

Before I could react, Princess Carissa chanted CRYSTELEPORA- the spell of teleporting. The one who chants it teleports to the place in their mind. 

Suddenly, I found all of us in Iris’s, I mean  my castle. 

We planned to sneak attack Graymore’s Assistant Praxina, who wanted to get revenge for the death of her brother Mephisto.

 We got our army ready. Talia said some weird words and we all were teleported to Praxina’s lair!

The armies fought and fought for days. Praxina even created many monsters for us to fight down. But still, none of the teams seemed to be losing! 

After another three days, our army did a very big mistake by not destroying the powerful gem on her hand even when we had the chance.

For this mistake we had to pay and, Praxina’s army won! 

We then decided “Enough is Enough”

I called for my Shanila and so did the other princesses. We all chanted our most powerful spell ‘CRYSTAL LUCK STURCK‘.

And the very next moment all our worries ended and so did Praxina.

I found myself back in my room. 

After two weeks Season three was released. And indeed it was exactly the same as my adventure!

In Ephedia, all were happy and didn’t have any more worry!

But nobody knew that someone was still left.

 (To be continued…)
Author’s Note: Characters in this story are based on Kid’s Show Lolirock.

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