The Lost Fairy

The Lost Fairy

Kathy watched over a group of children in her class. There was Nina, the cute girl with her blonde curls and blue eyes, Jerry the bubbly chocolate boy, Ella with her jet-black dreadlocks interspersed with colourful hairclips and Akhtar, the bespectacled boy who appeared more mature than his age.

In the beginning the students’ parents would often tell her to change their seating arrangement, they didn’t want them to mingle with each other. They would tell her to make them befriend children similar to them. But Kathy never heeded to their requests, these children’s friendship was way too precious. They had chosen each other; no one could and should ever separate them

With the passing years they had started standing up for each other, like today they stayed back at school while the whole class had gone for an outing at Aqualand. Jerry did not get permission to go because he had a club foot which made his mobility difficult especially in slippery areas  while Ella could not stand long hours of sun.

Kathy felt a pang of sadness for them. While most children would throw tantrums to be at Aqualand, here were four children who had voluntarily sacrificed this outing for the sake of their friends.

Then an idea sparked in Kathy’s mind- they could have a picnic afterall!

“Let’s go to the botanical garden. Its not too sunny and not slippery there. We can sit under the shade of the trees and have lunch.”

“Yay!”The children yelled with delight.

She drove them to the nearest garden, Nina sauntered around looking  for a shady area  Kathy carried the baskets of food while Akhtar and Ella held Jerry by his arms leading him to the tree. Nina joined them too and they held each others hands around the tree.

Suddenly a flash of light emerged from inside the tree trunk and a shower of sparkles rained on the children.

A tiny fairy whizzed out gleefully flapping her wings and laughing!

“Yippie!! Thank you my dear children!  You set free!”

“Are you a real fairy?”asked Ella.

“Yes I am Dovey, one day I was lost and had accidentally wandered in Lucifer’s Den. He got angryand trapped me in this realm .Since then i have been waiting here devoid of my powers.”

“But how come we freed you? We had no wand and potion.” questioned Akhtar.
“Oh your kind of magic needs no wand! Lucifer proclaimed that I will be freed only when virtuous people will join hands around this tree.”

“Woow!” the children exclaimed, clapping their hands.

“Seeing most people being selfish and materialistic, I had lost hope of ever being liberated. But you broke the spell!”

Dovey blowed flying kisses of sparkles. “I have got back my powers and I can grant you a wish before leaving for my realm!”

“Please make Jerry’s leg fine dear fairy!”blurted Ella.

“So magic exists!” Jerry whispered.

“Yes it does! Random selfless acts creates the most beautiful magic.” replied Dovey before vanishing.

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