The Made For Each Other

The Made For Each Other

Jonali had been biting her nails This was the third time she was going to meet the family of the prospective groom. Her generation saw the ushering of a renaissance in the education world. Her upbringing had been like that of the urban middle class. Marriage still was a necessity. Jonali had overheard her aunt boating how her daughter had got married at twenty one; and that to an affluent family. Jonali was already too educated, nearing her thirties. It would be difficult to get a proper groom for her.

The day arrived. Her parents had been lucky the third time. The groom was an architect at Dubai. Earning a good salary and owning a car was just what Jonali’s parents thought adequate. The marriage took place at the resort the groom’s family had decided upon. They really seemed contented with Jonali.

But Jonali was apprehensive. ‘What if?… ‘’ The night was resplendent with decor and thronging relatives and guests. Both the families had settled for a joint reception instead of a traditional ceremony.

Jonali looked radiant and smiled at her friends. But her eyes noted something that disturbed her conscience. Her husband was rarely by her side. He was busy with his circle of friends and rarely considered her presence.

She waited till the party had come to a close. Most of the guests had left, and Rajan , her husband seemed lost in his thoughts. And, when she approached Rajan; Jonali couldnot help but notice a year that rolled from Rajan’s eyes. He seemed helpless and angry at the same time.

‘What is the matter? Can I help? ‘

‘Nothing can help. You! Jonali are my wedded wife, but I wanted someone else. My parents wanted me to turn straight, so they prevented my talk with you. I AM GAY!’ ‘I knew you are gay. I know your friend Sumit-your partner. You lead a separate life at Sugreev Complex. ‘

‘Then why did you agree? ‘

‘Because I understand you. I am in a relationship with my neighbour.

‘She was the one who visited you with a hand fan in the afternoon. You remember? She is my partner, Anjali. We are very much in love.’

‘Rajan; then let us carry on as we can. We will give each other the required space, for our parents never understood!’

The marriage had indeed taken place!

The next morning, the family members were eagerly awaiting the newly wed couple’s presence. When both of them appeared, there was a rainbow in the sky. The neighbours couldnot but help peering from their windows.

Rajan looked happy and he was confident, much to the happiness his parents felt. They had been successful in providing a good wife for their only son. ‘He had to be introduced to a straight life. The bride and her equally happy groom went out for meeting their friends waiting for them in the hotspot cafe Barista!
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