The Magical Metamorphosis

The Magical Metamorphosis

“No, mom, why did you make the program without asking me? I don’t want to go there”, squealed twenty-one-year-old Mariam when her mom told her that her sister has invited both of them for lunch and she has accepted the invitation. 

“It’s been more than a year since I have met my sister. It’s a matter of just a few hours. Can’t you do this for me?” Mariam’s mom, Jessi pouted.

“I can do anything for you, mom but not this. You know how toxic is the aura of Gloria. She is an ocean of pessimism with not a single drop of optimism in her. I remain depressed for a few hours after meeting her. She is always cribbing and crying. I hardly see her smiling”, Mariam whined.

“For heaven’s sake dear, she is your cousin. Watch your words. We are going this Sunday and that’s final. I am not going to take a NO from you”, Jessi warned.

Exasperated, Mariam hit the couch and went inside her room. She knew there was no escape.

On Sunday, Mariam half-heartedly went to her aunt’s house with her mom. They rang the doorbell and Gloria came to answer the door.

The door opened and she stepped out, barely recognisable in her new avatar.

Gloria was exuding tranquil, energetic, bright and positive aura. Her face was radiating and the sheen in her eyes was captivating. Her contagious smile spread on the faces of Mariam and Jessi as well.

Gloria hugged them both which was very unlikely of her. Today, she was vivacious and euphoric and not her usual gloomy self.

For the first time in her life, Mariam felt pleased with her. Gloria invited them both inside and they all made themselves comfortable.

Unable to contain her inquisitiveness, Mariam inquired, “I am elated to see this metamorphosis, Gloria. Who did the magic?”

Gloria chuckled and disclosed, “Just because of me, the ambiance of our home remained gloomy. Nobody felt like visiting us. My mom counseled me and convinced me to start meditation and speaking positive affirmations. For a hardcore pessimist like me, believing in positivity wasn’t a child’s play. But, gradually, I started assimilating that everything happens for one’s own good. You remember how depressed I was when I couldn’t crack my entrance examination. But, that was for my good. Academics was not meant for me. Had I cleared the entrance and pursued higher education, then failure at any stage would have been fatal for me. God knew it and pushed me towards my passion – Music and now, am happy in my musical world. I have handed over the string of my life and its tensions in the hands of God now and I have full faith in his plans for me”

Marian and Jessi were remarkably delighted to meet the new Gloria. Instead of spending a few hours there, they spent the night at their place and had the best time together.


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