The Magical Six

Circling down a spiral,
The rain bellows aural,
Moving towards a realm,
Tall and strong as the elm,
The wand weaves a magic,
It glides towards tragic, 

Power comes with a price,
The inner demons rise,
Beckoning towards greed,
The dark struggles to weed,
It hungers for hallow,
The deep end of wallow, 

The vain sound of the soul,
The deafening cries roll,
Inside it’s inky black,
Remorse it is in lack,
Defy not the devil,
It blooms towards revel, 

The good and bad stand tall,
A battle war, a fall,
A deep storm in its wake,
Plunging hope in the lake,
Of the wonders of six,
Pulling a wish of mix,  

The light and the dark stroll,
Hand in hand one a soul,
Without conflict in store,
The realm reaches to door,
They jump in together,
No condemn to weather, 

The parallel splits two,
One dies the other grew,
The spell breaks to pieces,
The other half ceases,
Love, affection, warmth, care,
The six spells us as pair.

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Farheem Kazmi

Farheen Kazmi is an MBA graduate with her mind mostly musing around poetry and voracious reading. She is always in search of a good corner with a good old classic novel as a companion. She is a writer as well with her eBooks published on Amazon. She is currently trying to finish the second part of a story that she has started to write a while back.

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