The Mammoth Task of World Building

Olinda Braganza posted under OlindaQuillsIt on 2019-09-25

Literature writing is a task in itself, isn’t it? Creating characters that I had made up in my mind, plotting their choices and life paths, finding the start of the story and giving it a finished fitting to what I wanted from the story and the works. Yeah, it sounds fun and simple, right? Yeah, I thought so too… …till I hit the biggest roadblock. Writing the plot was fun, but the plot crumbled without a universe for it to exist within. Now, my ideas were big, which made creating my world harder. It would still be easier within a novel, but the challenge showed itself with short stories. How was I supposed to bring my ideas to fruition and build a world, while still maintaining the minimal word count and not rushing through it all? I decided to build a smaller one. Limiting myself to a simple town or city with a challenging quirk, like either a strange behaviour among the people or a striking feature among the foundation of the city or a monument that was a great influence for a very strong reason. And if it was difficult to decide which one, all I had to do was to think of the strangest person or the quirkiest structure that I have ever seen and build it from there. Next was to select the genre, that would decide whether the reason for the defining trait was a tragic one or one that would creep up the readers spine or both. And, last but not the least, to either let the protagonist resist the creation of your world or to embrace it or, to put a neat twist, be the reason behind it all! I happened to come up with countless permutations and combinations of creepy, dramatic, romantic and comic stories that I enjoyed penning. While some were challenging to pen, others flew out of my mind at ease. It was a roller coaster, but it was pure yoga for my mind and exercised my creative side to a great extent. I know I still have a lot of untapped creativity that I have not yet explored, but whenever I cannot tap the existing one, all I have to do is create an unfamiliar everything with a familiar something out of a normal nothing. After all, it is the first step that is the most difficult. And once that is taken, everything else would fall into place of a story that will remain with you forever. ___________________ ___________________