The Metamorphosis

The Metamorphosis

It is essential to transform, to be a Meraki.

Proverbs, advises, experiences, and learnings – that’s all we grow up with. I’ve always heard that ‘Life is a learning process.’ The more we learn, the more we grow.

It all starts with our family who groom and guide us. We are guided to the right and warned of the wrong. At times if time permits, such instructions come with explanations. Otherwise, we are left to choose between ‘to follow’ or ‘not to follow.’ With the two options put forth, the brain is often left alone at the mercy of the self. We hence choose what we end up justifying as comparatively better. Through each stage of learning, we give shape to the most vital component of our being, our character.

Educational institutes are entrusted with the commitment to polish us into masterpieces. Mutually, we shoulder all the boulders and conclude with diverse caricatures, of which, some get certified as ‘acceptable’ and some get stamped as ‘mavericks.’ We hardly understand the advice and teachings that we carry with us. The mind always seeks justifications and clarifications.

A life either absorbs and steps ahead or, it steps ahead observing. Either way, it keeps levelling up. Certain lives, step up real quick and once at the zenith, they rest their mind, assuming that they have reached the extreme north. The rest, trudges, contemplating that ‘every day is a learning process and it is unending.’ Benefits differ widely though. To excel through continuous learning marks real growth. Wisdom and knowledge obtained through real-life experiences are reserves justly earned.
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