The Morning After You

The Morning After You

Of all the things you left behind,
Your blue toothbrush, still damp
Your diary with an unfinished phrase
Your favourite pair of slippers
And a half empty bottle of cologne, 
What I miss the most is your smile
Like warm sunshine, that is now hidden 
Amidst the spaces between our fingers

You were in a hurry to leave, love
You were in a hurry to go
I would have hugged you then,
Caressed your wounded soul
Let you fathom
That I was hurting too, just like you

Yet the night fell between us
And the morning light blinds me 
Your side of the bed
Unslept, cold and bereft,
Of the promises of forever
Left together with keys of your car
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One thought on “The Morning After You

  1. Like the way you have used little things like
    to toothbrush, cologne etc to sketch the memory of the protagonist…. Keep up the fluid flow of words.

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