The Necropolis

The Necropolis

The sky stretches her arms
Over my dead city;
There is no dance of lights
In those faraway stars;
Tonight the ghostly streets
Are tattered and empty.

Yesterday there were mists
And strange fogs went floating
Across the grey expanse
Shrouding the many years
I have lived among hoards
Of stiff marionettes.

I have closed my windows,
But kept my doors open.
The dim rooms are waiting
For the flame of candles
And the trembling voices
Of long-forgotten friends.

Who will come in the day?
And who in the darkness?
There are shadows inside
And outside. Everywhere
The world has turned silent
Like a crumbling churchyard.

I am tired of the lanes
And the old alleyways-
Sickly bones that stand out
As some famed monument
Biding its time, watching
The whole lot fall apart.

I call to mind the years
That flew by like the birds
In winter. Dead city
Of my starry-eyed youth
Yours is the siren song
On whose rocks, I lie wrecked!
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