The New Girl

The New Girl

“Mawshi, I got you a newbie. Look at her.” Mushtaq pulled the girl’s arm and brought her face to face with Chanda Bai. The girl was young and pretty with porcelain skin, wide innocent eyes and long hair that reached upto her waist. She wore a red knee length dress that accentuated her slim figure. She was gagged and her hands tied behind her back.

Chanda Bai was an obese female in her forties. Her lips were red from all the paan chewing and her hair orange from the regular use of henna. She wore a thick layer of kajal in her eyes.

“Khup chhan,” a few red drops escaped her lips as she spoke. 

“I’ll charge extra for her.” Mushtaq laughed. He was a burly man of over six feet. His laughter was raucous and his pockmarked face looked uglier when he showed his crooked zarda-stained teeth.

“Not this time. Dhandha is manda.”

“Virgin ahe.” Mushtaq laughed again, ogling at her. The girl felt uncomfortable as he moved his eyes from her face to let them linger on her breast, waist, hips and legs. 

She struggled to release herself.

“I’ll open your mouth now. You shout and I promise I’ll smash your face.” Mushtaq told her.

The girl screamed nonetheless  and he slapped her hard. She fell down in Chanda Bai’s feet.

Chanda pulled her closer and asked, “What’s your name?” 

“I want to go home. I beg you.” 

“Ae mulgi, radu nako. Tell me your name first.”

“Divya.” The girl spoke, sobbing.

“This is Kamathipura. You cannot escape from here. You are new but soon you’ll learn to enjoy here.” 

 Mushtaq pushed her inside a room and locked her. For days she was pressurized, scolded and beaten.

“Open the door. Let me talk to her.” Divya sat up straight as she heard Chanda Bai’s voice. 

“Get up girl, wash your face. We have a new client. He wants a newbie and is paying a lot. You better behave well.”

Divya nodded and got up.

“Don’t lose hope. Luck favours the strong ones who show courage to turn the tables in times of adversity.”  She remembered her dad’s words.

 She was going to try her luck and courage. 

She sat decked up as her first ever client entered. When he tried to touch her, she gave a strong karate chop on his neck and he became unconscious. 

Grabbing his phone, she called her parents in a hushed tone and sent them her location.

It was a matter of few hours that her parents arrived with the police. Chanda Bai and Mushtaq were rounded up and other inmates were rescued.

“I wish I had this courage when I was pushed here,” said Chanda Bai with remorse, as police took her away.
Author’s note-
Mawshi – aunt
Khup chhan- very nice
Virgin ahe- is a virgin
Dhandha – business
Manda- not doing well
Mulgi- girl
Radu nako – Stop crying
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