The New Olympians

The New Olympians

Dark as night, cutting through the wind, flashing neon signs, sleek as a stallion, a car raced down the road at a thousand kilometers per hour. Purple fire blazed from the thruster, and it released no CO2. It zoomed across what was once a stormy and blue land, now filled with trees, water, a surface and an atmosphere. This was Neptune. The car reached a dead end and transformed into a jet, which was faster than the car. It zipped over the dead end,  metamorphosed to a motorbike with a rider and dropped to the ground. It reached a house, made of blue Stryclainnes which were the newest rocks found, with a screen of light in the place where the door was supposed to be. The bike morphed into a robot, and the rider jumped out from a hatch. He was a human, though the species name had changed to Cyborgs a few years ago. And for good reason. His left forearm, hand, leg and  hair and the right side of his chest were robotic. He was Malliamétallo. “Disappear door.” He commanded and the screen of light disappeared. If anyone had  tried to go through the light without permission, they would have been electrocuted. Malliamétallo stepped into a hallway decorated with virtual paintings, which kept changing on their own or could be changed by him at will. Plus if he wanted, he could make the painting project itself and could watch the painting in 3 D, like you see real landscapes. Then came the living room, where there were sofas which would automatically adjust to the comfort level of the user, hard or soft. A dining table on which you could play games, watch movies, and like the paintings, project them. The cutlery would rise out of the table and feed the person who wanted to eat. In the kitchen, the groceries appeared from nowhere, literally, as soon as you said what you wanted. You had to write the dishes name on a tablet in the wall and it would make that dish. He went in and asked it to make cO2fee and drank the liquid oxygen mixed with caffeine. “Ah! What a heavenly taste.” He thought. Just then, a flash outside caught his eye. He went to the window to look outside to see if it was another Cyborg in armour, but there wasn’t. It was a diamond. He groaned. It had started to rain and due to lots of carbon, the carbon compressed and became diamonds; it rained diamonds on Neptune. It wasn’t so good, if you went outside. The diamonds would hit you and could cause serious injuries, and by the time the rain stopped, the diamonds would have sunk all the way down till the core of Neptune, to give it more magnetism. It would take him some time before he could go on his mission. He took a nap for half an hour, and the rain stopped. He went inside his robot and it transformed into a spaceship. He zoomed into space, to doom.

If not for his temperature proof skin, Plokij would be burning from heat on one side, and burning from ice on the other. He had tunneled through the planet Thermótitakryo, formerly known as Proxima Centauri B or Alpha Centauri CB. The planet which orbited Proxima Centauri, a red dwarf star, was tidally locked, so one side always faced the star, while the other looked into the black of the universe.There were,of course Alpha Centauri A and B stars that gave a bit of light (because the 3 stars were a binary system) to the shunned side. If there were any Cyborgs or Fterotoíántres in this tunnel, they would have died from the temperature difference, but not the Friuyts. There skin was temperature proof, they had stingers on there tails, and they had two swiks along with arms and legs, and these limbs could take out ropes of any kind, simple ropes, ropes of electricity, ropes of food, ropes of water, etc. They had green skin and no eyes, mouth, nose or ears! Their brain could do all of these organ functions on its own, and actually, they had no head! Only a smoky version of it! He went out of the tunnel and onto his handywipevoboard, on which he just had to stand and swipe his hand across, for it to turn into the Alphauinex spaceship; this idea was stolen from the Cyborgs. He tore through the atmosphere, joined forces with the Friuyts from Proxima Centauri CC, (now known as Movtyligméno) out to one of the planets of the Cyborgs, and take it over so they could keep them as hostages for the Three Systems War.

General Jhux stroked his wings with his forty three fingers. He had to make strategies for the battle. They outnumbered the Friuyts, but the Friuyts had more weapon power. They surpassed the Cyborgs in intelligence by 20.34%, but they were less in numbers. He considered the odds and then asked a question to his apprentice. 

“Our eavesdropper is on Thermótitakryo, right?”

 “Yes sir.” The apprentice replied. “He has been there for five years.” 

“That would be a hundred and seven days, right?” The General questioned.

“No sir. One year on Thermótitakryo equals eleven days. So it would be fifty five days.”

“Ok. Any news about what they will do today?” Jhux inquired.

“He managed to report that the Friuyts will attack with  400 hundred warriors on the Cyborg planet, the name which I will tell you once we are in flight, anyway, they will attack there due to the less amount of Cyborg population there.” The student reported.

“Okay. We will do the same. But first we will wait for them to weaken each other. Then we finish them off.” General Jhux strategised .

“Get the guns and load the army. Then we will fly.” He commanded and took off to the air in his wings.

“Ok sir.”


The general thought how to make the day better. Then, like lightning, another plan struck his head. When the rest of the army came, he told the other Fterotoíántres the idea.

Malliamétallo had travelled to the army base on Uranus. The other Cyborgs there were ready for their orders. So was he.

“Listen cymen and cywomen.” Their leader announced. “We will attack the planet Movtyligméno today. We will launch five hundred of our spacecrafts and attack there, from different directions. The Cyborgs closest to me will be group 1. You all will go over Saturn and attack from the front. The  Cyborgs at the back will attack from the rear. The one on my right side, not yours, will attack from the east, the ones facing my left will hit the Friuyts on the west. The ones at the middle will attack the top. Once you are finished with enemies there, help the other groups. If anyone needs help use the videoies talkies to tell the other teams. We will take over the planet this evening. Be careful in the purple mist, there shouldn’t be an opening in your ship because the purple mist will come inside and poison you. But right now, I want the person exactly in the middle to go  and scout. I will brief you on the path later. Until you give us the signal, we won’t attack. Who are you anyway?”

“I am Malliamétallo sir.” Malliamétallo saluted.

“Ok. Go into your transforming vehicle and take your weapons, just in case.”

“Yes, sir!”

Malliamétallo went to the armoury and got his weapons ;a blue nitro gun, a fire-lightning rifle and a gravity blaster, which shot out a  magnetic blast to a person and the only thing that would match the magnetic pull, was the celestial body’s magnetism they were on. So the person would be drawn to the planet or moon’s surface and would be stuck to the floor for some time. After that there was the boiling water bombs which held water at the temperature of 1500 degree fahrenheit, so it would kill people instantly. Then there were the 360 degree laser grenades, which shot out lasers in every direction, and fart mini grenades. He went out to his transformer vehicle and it was already in spaceship mode. He blasted into space. In two minutes he reached Jupiter, in five till Earth, and after one more minute he had reached the hottest planet. Just as he flew over the planet, a movement caught his eye. It could just have been the sun reflecting off the CO2 clouds. But this light was red. It could have been a laser bomb. He called them and told them about it. A minute later he dived into the clouds and…….

Plokij hit the two Cyborgs with lightning ropes. He had swerved his Alphauinex spaceship many times to dodge nitro blasts. When he tried to fly high and take out his attackers from up, they had thrown a laser bomb and his spaceship had just escaped from it. Then he put down the screen and shocked them with the high voltage ropes through the window they were using to shoot him. The two fell hundreds of meters down to the ground. Plokij and the rest of the army charged towards the now cooled surface of Venus. The spaceships turned into their handywipevboards and they attacked the Cyborg base. There were nitro flashes, lightning shots, glimpses of different types of ropes, laser blinking, people with burned skin, people with poison in the chest and  people stuck to the ground. All these things either killed or brought the victims to a near death state. Just then, a Cyborg spaceship was seen diving through the clouds. The fighting stopped, and so did the spaceship. Plokij could see the Cyborg calling someone. Most likely reinforcements. Plokij yelled a war cry. “Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!” And the fight restarted, where in he and two other friuyts jumped on their respective handywipevboards and flew to the cyborg in the spaceship. They circled him before going in for the kill. Just when plokij was going to unleash a fire rope, 399 warriors appeared…… 

Jhux and his army flew past planets as fast as spaceships, entering the Cyborg solar system. 

“Everyone, slow down a bit so that no Cyborg spaceships spot us. Don’t fly over planets until we reach our target. Got it?” He told them.

“Yessir!” The army replied.

They zigzagged to avoid the asteroids in the asteroid belt in between Mars and Jupiter. Two comets nearly hit them, and a small meteor took down one of their number. They couldn’t catch him since he was at the back in the formation. 

“It’s time.” said General Jhux as they flew over some thick clouds.

They jumped in and found themselves behind a Cyborg spaceship and facing three Friuyts. First the Friuyts backed away. Then they seemed confused. So was the Cyborg in the spaceship. But the Fterotoíántres weren’t, and they immediately struck down the Friuyts on the sides with metal discs, which exploded on contact and out came any object that the thrower wanted;this time it was two books that knocked them on the head and they fell to the ground. The remaining Friuyt hid under the spaceship. Just then, the spaceship flew down ,turned into a mini jet, and landed on the ground.The Friuyt escaped just in time. General Jhux and his army followed, his army going towards the main war while Jhux pursued the fighting Cyborg and Friuyt. They were in a deadly clash, which became even more intense when the General joined in…..

Malliamétallo had called the rest of the Cyborg army, but they were still in preparation and trying to reach as fast as they could. Then he was assaulted by Friuyts and Fterotoíántres. And all of this had happened under their  very noses! He had never felt bad about this, but now he was sad for whoever was dying. And he was facing a Friuyt and a, Fterotoíándras.  

“We haven’t been properly introduced.” Said the Fterotoíándras sarcastically. “I am General Jhux.”

“My name’s Malliametallo and I will bring doom to you.” Malliametallo eyed the General.

“Plokij.” Hissed the final dueller.

All of a sudden, General Jhux threw one pellet at Plokij. It grew into a rock the size of of his body and another at Malliametallo. Plokij aimed a rope of stone at it and broke the rock, and Malliametallo blasted it with his nitro gun. Then he used his fire-lightning rifle, which mixed both elements, to shoot back. Plokij responded to Jhux with a sting and hit Malliametallo with a geyser rope, though both dodged his attacks. Malliametallo then threw a laser bomb and rushed out of the range, Jhux flew in the air, and Plokij somersaulted to catch him by the feet. Just then, the rest of the Cyborg army appeared, and they fought too, showering missiles from the air.General Jhux landed and shook Plokij off .He and his army flew out of Venus. The Cyborgs followed them, and Malliametallo tried to hit the General with his gravity blaster but hit another member of his army. The Friuyts went along too…..

Plokij’s life reader told him that there were 474 Cyborgs, 369 Fterotoíántres and 410 Friuyts (including him) in fighting shape and were not dead. The Friuyts were following the Cyborgs, who were following the Fterotoíántres, and there were missiles, and weapons everywhere. Many of each species fell down, and the readings in his life reader were going down, Before, he had never cared. As long as they won, he didn’t think about the number of people dying. But now he felt a twinge, okay, more than a twinge of regret. He pushed that feeling aside. He focused on the battle. He threw water ropes inside a spaceship. Water slowly flooded the spaceship, and after that he blasted the water with lightning ropes, electrocuting the controls and the driver.


After a minute, the species landed on Mars, next to an enormous mountain. The battle continued, but Plokij saw General Jhux, very near the summit of the mountain, and so did Malliametallo. Both rushed after him.

“Well, looks like you arrived, my friends.” The general smirked. 

“What are you up to?” Malliametallo demanded.

The General took out a sphere from his pocket. “Well I am just going to lob this into this mountain.”

“What?” Plokij was confused.

“Well this is…….”

“-Olympus mons! the tallest mountain in our solar system, and it’s also a volcano!” Malliametallo completed the sentence.

“Yes and here I throw this inside.” And the General threw the sphere inside the volcano.

“What will it do?” Plokij asked.

“Well it’s a bomb, but a unique bomb. When it will open, nuclear reaction will push outside and gravity inside. It will become a very small star, and it will live for seven minutes, then it bursts into a small supernova.” Explained General Jhux.

“And that will make the volcano, even though it’s dead, erupt again! And it’s huge! It will wipe out a quarter of Mars!” Plokij said. “So you want to kill us all and conquer this planet, right?”

“Partially, yes. But on this planet is the research Center on dark matter and the Cyborg scientists have nearly made it. They will be able to hold anything in space, because the dark matter holds all of the planets, stars, galaxies, everything in its place.” General Jhux said.

“We will stop you, but have you even thought about the people who are going to die.”  Malliametallo growled.

Jhux didn’t respond because he was questioning his actions. He was feeling bad that so many had died already and he was going to kill more .He  had never ever felt that way. Slowly, he started feeling very guilty.

“I am sorry.” He said in a shaky voice which surprised the other two. “I – I wasn’t thinking about the number of people who would perish.” 

The other two were also lost in thought, thinking about the numbers they had killed in the past.

“You are right.” Plokij said in a shockingly soft voice. We all were wrong. I have been having the same feeling.”

“Me too.” Malliametallo agreed. “Not enemies now I hope?”  And the others nodded.     

Suddenly, Olympus Mons shook under their feet. The small star had gone supernova. All the armies  below looked up.

Then Jhux spoke up. “There is no way this bomb can be stopped, but if I go down there I might be able to stop the lava, even though I will die.”

“I will sacrifice myself and my spaceship too.” Malliametallo said.

“Agreed.” Plokij nodded his head.

And before anyone could stop them the we’re down the lava crater. 

The started sweating (except for Plokij) the moment they got there. They saw the lava now melted again by the heat and now rising because of the supernova shifting the plates. 

“I am taking the lowest place.” Jhux said.

He took his place, then Malliametallo stuck his spaceship above him, and plokij did the same on the top of both of them. Jhux closed his eyes. The heat burned him, and the lava slowly covered him.

A Friuyt was sent to check what had happened. When he returned, he looked sad.

“The lavas cooled down to magma, but all three are dead, even plokij’s temperature proof skin couldn’t stop the lava from killing him.” And it was a bittersweet moment.

After a few moments of silence, the leader of the Cyborgs announced. “As we mourn General Jhux, Plokij and Malliametallo, I have agreed with the new Fterotoíántres General and the Fruiyt captain that now we will stop this war in honour of the  new Olympians.”

Everyone present smiled and cheered!

Stryclainnes (imaginary)-  a new stone found, blue in colour.
Cyborgs – the people who are half robotic, half human. They are used in a lot in fictional stories.
Friuyts (imagined) – creatures that live on the planets Thermótitakryo and Movtyligméno.
Fterotoíántres – species that live on the planets of the 55 Cancri solar system. The name of this species means ‘winged men’ in Greek.
Malliametallo – a cyborg part of the cyborg army. His name means hair metal in Greek.
Binary star system – stars that revolve around one another, come together then go far. There can be two or more in stars in a binary star system. Alpha Centauri A, Alpha Centauri B, Proxima Centauri, (which is the closest star to earth after the sun.” Are a binary system.
Thermótitakryo – the planet that revolves around Proxima Centauri star, called alpha Centauri CB or Proxima Centauri B, was renamed by the Friuyts to Thermótitakryo, which means hot cool in Greek, because the planet is tidally locked.
Movtyligméno – the planet that revolves around Proxima Centauri star, called Alpha Centauri CC or Proxima Centauri C, was renamed by the Friuyts to Movtyligméno, which means purple shrouded in Greek, because (imagined) the planet is shrouded with purple mist.
Alpha Centauri solar system – the Alpha Centauri solar system is a binary system with three stars, Alpha Centauri A, Alpha Centauri B and Proxima Centauri. The only known planets yet in that system are the two planets revolving around Proxima Centauri.
cO2fee – a drink that includes caffeine mixed with liquid oxygen.
Olympus mons – no, this isn’t the home of the Greek gods, that’s on earth, and is called mount Olympus. Olympus mons is the biggest mountain in our solar system, and it’s a volcano. It he volcano is on mars. We are not sure if it’s active or not.
Dark matter – this is an invisible force with gravity which keeps all the stuff in space from bouncing and jumping everywhere and off its track, such as galaxies. This is a very interesting subject, even by the means of the universe.

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  1. Since I am not into science fiction much, I will reserve my comments. The story was definitely well written and was futuristic.

  2. Read the story again. Unimaginable that a ten year old has such vivid imagination.His style, the vocabulary all excellent. A true SCI fi treat to the readers. Well done Atharva.

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