The Night Carnival

The Night Carnival

Argent orb rose o’er lilac sky
Stars, bright lights of a country fair
Fete is set with celestial ware
Carousel starts at pink dusk shy

The bees and butterflies flit around
Rapt in their last minute gatherings sweet
From bloom to bloom for nectar sapid
Children too rush back to their mothers
To be cuddled and fed on homely treats 
Of raspberry tarts and apple pies

Trees clap their leaves with festive flair
Li’l green pennons fluttering high
Back to nests all shiny birds fly
Coruscant life shimmers in air

Lunar march begins at the Cosmic Square
With orchestra of crickets, nightjars, cicadas
Nyctic carnival is now ablaze
Under opal  moon’s aurous glory
Silver fringed clouds gleam on inky firmament 
The stellar fleet sets sail for the elysian ocean 

Languid Earth sighs in bliss, vinous on crepuscular serenades 
Till next sunrise basks her afresh in dawn’s fulgid dulcet aubades
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