The Nine Gems of Burman House

The Nine Gems of Burman House

Finally, things would be back where they belong. The nine mammoth jewels…the prized heirloom! Shubhranjan recalled his late mother’s last words-

“Remember Shubh, fortune and power favour the one who wields the nine gems!”

And you’ve left them all with Mano, foolish woman! You’ve deprived your own flesh and blood!

But now, he’d get them back. 


A pall of gloom had descended on Burman House. Manoranjan Burman, the old patriarch of the family was on his deathbed. His five children, all settled abroad, had come to bid their father farewell. So had his stepbrother Shubhranjan and his four children. He had, after all, watched them all grow under the same roof before they parted ways, and they all loved him dearly.

“All I have is yours Shubh. Mother gave this to me, I now pass it on to you,” when Manoranjan finally thrust the key to the jewellery-box into his stepbrother’s hands, Shubhranjan’s glee was palpable.

That night, Manoranjan breathed his last.


When possession of the jewels hardly made a difference, Shubhranjan set his eyes on Burman House.

“Father would never do that!” Manoranjan’s eldest son was adamant.

“This is my house now! If I say we sell this to promoters for a luxury apartment, you do it!” Shubhranjan was livid.

Manoranjan’s children seethed.

When Shubhranjan came next, he was accompanied by two bouncers.

Manoranjan’s children stood guard. He smirked, but it was soon wiped off his face, when his own children joined Manoranjan’s.

“Don’t do this papa, don’t hurt Mano Jethu,” Shubhranjan’s daughter pleaded. 

He watched in wonder. His and Manoranjan’s children : the nine gems, of course! They stood tall, protecting Manoranjan’s pride in his absence.

Mother wasn’t a fool after all.

He recalled her last words,

“Fortune and power favour the one who wields the nine gems!”


Glossary :

Jethu – Uncle, specifically, father’s elder brother.


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One thought on “The Nine Gems of Burman House

  1. The real gems are always supportive, united n stand tall in times of adversity. Well sketched story with s message for a united, well knit family. Family ties supersede 9 gems.

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