The Ninth Floor

The Ninth Floor

It was 9 o’clock at night of 9th April in summer season.  I was staying on 9th floor of the building named “Ahilya tower” in Firojpur.I was having my dinner that time. No one except me and my six months daughter was at home. I suddenly heard some sound from lobby outside my flat. Never happened this before with me. I ignored that sound and started having my dinner. My daughter was asleep that time. Again, after hearing that sound I was afraid so much. I with all my courage went and opened the door to see if any cat is there or something has fallen down. But there was nothing instead I saw shadow of one lady who was asking for help. I went behind her asking who is she? No one replied. I was very anxious to know about that lady. Actually, when I shifted to nineth floor in 2009, I heard about the suicide of lady named “Namrata” from balcony. So everything was coming to my mind that time. I was sweating with fear. I came inside and tried to sleep. But the voice of that lady was annoying me.

The next morning, I told incident to my hubby but said me fool and told me to stop watching TV series savdhaan India. I tried to proof my point but he did not believe. I did not say anything and started doing my household chores as usual. Husband went office in his same time 8 o’clock. Again, that day at 9 o’clock while taking dinner I heard the same lady crying very loudly. I took my mobile to click photos and videos to have some proof. But all in vain. There was only 9% charge left. So, could not be able to take video. I came and sleep anyhow ignoring her.

Oh my God this was my inner thoughts and imagination as nothing happened on my floor.


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