The Pandora’s Folly

The Pandora’s Folly

All endowed Pandora
Becomes, the first woman mortal
Created by Zeus, to spite Prometheus
Entrusts  he, the gift of fire to Man
Filled with fury,Zeus plans man’s ruin

Goddess Aphrodite adorns her with beauty
Hermes gives her boldness and deceit
Investing in her finery was Athena
Jar,was she given, full of evil spirits
King Zeus had her sent to Epimetheus

Lost in her beauty, accepts her, though forewarned
Marries her and Mortals to misery
Nonetheless, her wedding gift, a jar
Overcome with curiosity, opens the jar
Plaguing Man with evil spirits

Quickly she puts the lid back
Realizing her folly,she panics
Sensing  she was just a pawn in the play
Turmoil, Death, Strife, Jealousy, hatred, illness
Universally spreading the evils

Viewing the gilded jar now turning rusty
Warm  feeling shrouds her, Knowing  all was not lost
Xenial too was the jar to Hope
YOU…Hope would remain with Man, a succour
Zeus, in your insidious plan you fail.

Note: of Prometheus

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