The Perfect Family Picture

The Perfect Family Picture


Sundari’s father rushed to open the door.

“Sundari, my darling princess! You came home before I could come to the bus stop. I thought you would be chit-chatting with your friends,” said her father.

“I hate my friends. I hate school,” Sundari yelled at the top of her voice. Sundari’s dad could visualize puffs of smoke escaping from her ears. There seemed to be a storm brewing within her.

“Hmm, I see! So how was the art contest? What was the topic given?” asked her father.

“APPA! I HATE ART CLASS.” Sundari’s father felt as though canons were being fired.

“Oops! Cool down, my princess. Let me give you a glass of cool lemon juice.”

Sundari’s father brought a huge glass of lemon juice and offered it to her.

Sundari quickly drank it in one gulp and sat on her father’s lap.

“My princess! What made you so angry and upset? Come on, tell me.”

“Appa! Today the topic given for the art contest was ‘family’.”

“That’s easy! I’m sure you must have drawn it really well.”

“I did draw. I was the first to finish but…” Sundari burst into tears.

“Oh, my darling! Then what went wrong?”

“Instead of drawing a father and a mother, I drew two fathers by mistake. And everyone started making fun of me. My friends think I don’t even know what a family means. They think I’m dumb.”

“Hmm!” Sundari’s father suddenly became very serious. He seemed to be lost in deep thoughts.

“Appa! Do you also think I’m dumb? Why aren’t you talking?”

“Oh no, no, my dear! Your art has opened up a whole new topic for discussion.”

“What is that Appa?”

“You haven’t drawn anything wrong. Did you know that a family can have a father and a mother, two fathers or even two mothers?”

“Really, Appa? I haven’t seen such families.”

“Right! But you might, in future. And, it is perfectly normal. But do you know what is most important for a family to stay happy?”

“Lemme guess! Love?”

“Perfect! My princess is really smart. Now tell me! In the picture that you drew did everyone look happy?”

“Yes, Appa! All the members looked very happy. They were one big happy family. They were smiling and holding each other’s hands. I drew a big bright sun, a house and a rainbow too.”

“Wow! A rainbow too. Excellent! You have nothing to be upset about. You can proudly show your artwork to everyone. It is a perfect family picture. I’m sure your teacher will agree too. You are already a winner for me.”

Sundari was very happy and hugged her father.

“Appa, you are the best father in the whole world.”

“And you are the best daughter ever, my princess!”

Not all storms turn out to be disastrous. Some storms do give way to colorful rainbows.


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