The Perfect Match

The Perfect Match

Dhanya was just about to insert the key into the door when she paused. She could hear voices within. Was she being burgled? Pressing her ear against the door she recoiled in surprise. She had recognized one of the voices!

What’s Amma doing here?

She had no choice but go in. The door opened directly into the small living room offering no means of slipping past into the tiny bedroom that lay beyond.

“Ah there you are, Appa and I decided to visit you. We have found the perfect boy for you. In fact, he’s agreed to join us here at 5.” Glancing at her watch she continued “you have 5 minutes to wash and change. Hurry up.” 

Dhanya stood stock still and remained silent.

“Dhanu, please don’t be difficult, you aren’t getting any younger and this one seems too good to let go. What’s the harm if you chat with him for 5 minutes.” This time it was her dad in his most placatory tone. 

She straightened her back and said “Amma,Appa how many times must I tell you that I don’t want to get married, ever!”

“Dhanya, this isn’t the time for drama, get ready quickly. I hope there’s some tea to offer to Ajay and his parents.” Her mother said ignoring her words.

“What?! he’s coming with his parents? How disgusting! You people just barge in here and arrange for a meeting without my permission. I am going, you deal with them when they arrive.” Grabbing her bag from the floor where she had flung it, she moved away.

Ting tong

“That’s them, open the door, Dhanu.” Commanded her mother.

She opened it and made to brush past them and leave but they were crowding the door. 

She felt herself being propelled into the bedroom while her father welcomed them in. 

Without freshening up she was back in the living space and glared at the man who appeared to be her own age. He smiled apologetically at her.

“Why don’t you show him around the garden downstairs Dhanu.” Her mother’s voice wheedled.

“This way please.” 

“I am sorry, we barged into your house like that, my parents are extremely pushy. They told me we are visiting old friends and inveigled me into coming along. I am Ajay by the way.”

“I am not interested in getting married so please leave.” Dhanya looking at him unsmiling.

“I don’t want to get married either, let’s decide which one will refuse the match.” He said equally seriously.

Dhanya’s interest was piqued “Why not?”

“I am gay and I have a boyfriend.” He replied calmly. 

“Oh my god, we are two of a kind, I am living with my girlfriend but my parents don’t know.  Both of them started to laugh.

He held out his hand “Shall we break the news?”

They had endured enough storms it was time for rainbows!

Holding hands, they returned to confront their parents.
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