The Perils of Being Meek

The Perils of Being Meek

“Amma, I want new sneakers for the Annual Sports Day” demanded Rama.

“Yes Beta, we shall go to the market in the evening.”

“Amma, I too need one, mine are completely worn out.” Shama mumbled.

“Shama, why  buy a new pair, you may use the one Rama had tucked them in the loft last month.”

“And as it is you are not going to make it in the final round of any sport activity.”

Shama meekly nodded and immersed herself in her diary trying hard to forget the usual scenario in her house.

…”Mom, I too need a new laptop, like the one Rama has.”

“Why don’t you use the one your dad has?”

“Stubborn Rama always gets  anything she ask for.” grumbled Shama softly.

“Beta, she needs the new version urgently for her project submission in the college.”

“Rama is never wrong in your eyes. Mom,” grieved Rama silently.

Pretty identical twin sisters! but poles apart in intelligence and nature! 

Sitting quietly in one corner of the house,  Shama would pour her heart out in her diary….

“Growing accustomed to the truth that I am meek and not so favourite child of you!

Though you never hate me, I know, I can never go against the wishes of all of you!”

Fast forward 10 years…

Their Mom passed away.. Dad was ill…

“Papa I want you to get your “Will” registered granting all the property to me.”

“Shama, you need to sign the NOC affirming it.”

Shama had never voiced her disapproval, but this time, all the muttering under her breath made her feelings about the situation loud and clear.

“No Rama, Not again.”

 But Rama as usual, was a hard nut to crack.

“Try to understand, its unfair and illegal too.”

Dad was at his wit’s end.

“No way Papa. Shama is not smart enough to handle the matters related to property and with her meek nature, its all the more risky  to give her, her share in the property.”

At long last, Rama could pulled through as meek Shama gave in and Dad reluctantly  signed the will.
Eventually, Dad passed away.

With a chip on her shoulder, Shama pulled out  her diary to write… 

“Plan backed by action makes your dreams come true. Drastic times call for drastic actions!”

….A  month later..

Sitting in front of the mirror, She admired herself, she looked beautiful  the blonde tresses, the beautiful eyes, the red lipstick it all defined her so well. She indeed looked attractive. ….Her lips twisted into a mirthless grin as she stared herself  into the mirror. Gazing deeply, her pondering eyes missed her past when she had pushed her dominating and stubborn sister from a hill-top and swapped herself to the world as Rama!

The fluterring pages of her diary said,

“The perils of being meek had made me rock strong,  so what if my plan was deadly and wrong!”

* * *

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