The Princess

The Princess

Everyone on the island treated the princess as the most important person in the world and protected her. She was everyone’s priority. They called her beautiful, smart, and kind. 

But one of the families on the island didn’t like that. Unlike everyone else, even the princess, they knew why people loved her so much, and it seemed very unfair. And it just so happened that the man and the woman in that family were the maid and butler of the palace. But they did like the king and queen very much, so they were always nice to the princess.

One day both families were having dinner when the king said, “My wife and I are visiting another kingdom for a week. Could you babysit our daughter?” 

“Of course,” said the maid and the butler. 

“Thank you,” the king and queen said gratefully. 


The next day, the king and queen said goodbye to their daughter. Once they left, the servants did their best to entertain the princess. They played games with her and took her shopping. The princess was also very fond of the servants. After some time, the maid said to her husband, “This is our chance.”

“What do you mean?” the butler asked, confusion all over his face. What was the maid talking about?

“This is our chance to get rid of that stupid princess. Just because of that dumb legend, everyone thinks that she is so great! They practically worship her. It’s annoying, really.” The maid scowled at her husband, a determined look on her face.

A look of realization appeared on her husband’s face just then. “You are right,” he said adamantly. “We will lock her up in the palace dungeon and starve her to death. No one will find her there!” Suddenly he looked worried. “But what will the king and queen say when they figure out that their daughter is missing?”

“We will leave the island right after we lock up the girl. No one will find us.” 

Her husband nodded in agreement. “Let’s go!”


They ran through the long hallways of the palace. When they reached the princess’s bedroom, they stopped, exchanged glances with each other, and slowly opened the door.

 “Hello, dear,” the maid said sweetly to the girl, inching toward her. 

“Hi,” said the princess. Suddenly, the servants lunged toward her, grabbed her and ran out of the bedroom. The princess screamed the entire time. “What are you doing?” she yelled.

When they reached the dungeon, they threw her inside and followed after her. The princess backed away slowly. “Why are you doing this?” she said, fearfully.

The servants sneered. “Everyone loves you so much because of that legend, and we’ve had enough.”

“What legend?” the princess looked confused.

“There was a legend long ago that the 21st princess of this island would grow up to be amazing, with magical powers.” The maid laughed. “What a joke! That’s the reason everyone loves you so much. You are the 21st princess.”


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