The Promise

The Promise

“Wendy…You know how much I love you. I would be fortunate to grow old with you by my side.

However, before I can think of a future for us, there is something you need to know…. My past!”Said Ron in a grim voice.

As if on cue, the atmosphere changed. Dark clouds gathered, thunder and lightning struck – was a warning was being issued?

” Ron… You are the best thing that has happened to me. I know your present. I have no interest in your past.” Said Wendy trying to walk away.

” Wendy…stop… I insist…

About 5 years ago… A little before we met…..

I went to the Amazon on an expedition, looking for stories for a documentary. Deep in the jungles I came across a small settlement of primitive aborigines non-existent to this world. Probably my skin color saved my life then.

As a friendly gesture, I taught them to use fire to protect themselves. That broke all barriers, they welcomed me into their lives. I was allowed to stay with them and observe their lifestyle.

They had exceptional hunting skills. On one hunting trip they wounded a creature unlike anything ever seen on earth…. about 4 feet, with ugly features, razor-sharp teeth, long talons and scaly skin. Knowing it was a rare find, and excellent material for my documentary, I stopped them from killing it…… probably my biggest mistake.   

We built a tree house to keep it safe from other predators and chained it with thick ropes. I nursed it back to health. It was a very intelligent creature, picked my language, mannerisms, and even started to talk in mono syllables in the one week it was held captive.

Then….it just disappeared….. I realized much later that it had exceptional camouflaging skills and while we thought it disappeared, it was right in front of us. We inadvertently cut open the ropes and set it free.

We were appalled when one by one members of the tribe went missing. While we were setting up a trap to capture the predator, I saw it ripping open an aborigine with its bare hands and gulping him down. Before I could raise an alarm, the creature crawled up to me, licked my face, and hissed in my ear

“Talk of this to no one ..and you will live..”

“I promise ….” I said before fainting in shock.

Two days later when I was better, I decided to get out from there. My award winning documentary had no mention of that creature. Even today I have nightmares..” Said Ron sweating profusely.

After composing himself Ron got down on his knees and said

“Now that you know why I wake up screaming some nights…….Will you marry me?”

“Ron!! My dear…my love …..I would love to….”said Wendy tears brimming in her eyes…

“But….you broke your promise.. ” She said as the contours of her face changed.

Ron watched in horror when Wendy metamorphosed into the alien creature and ripped him apart.
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