The Purple Heart

The Purple Heart

The lone black fighter amid a white platoon
A shy giant, Doris Miller from Waco
Roused by the Japanese strike on Pearl Harbor
Knocked down to knees by one of the torpedo
Dauntless, dragged many maimed crew safe, sans armor
Ardent hero paced proudly with earnest stride
Raising Afro-Americans to power
Wearing the Purple Heart, head held high with pride
Hardships meted for liberty’s sake will croon
Misty-eyed, we cross the annals of story
Commemorating Purple Hearts in glory.
In the wake of the Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor 50 years ago, 3,681 soldiers, sailors and
Marines were awarded Purple Heart, America’s oldest medal. Doris Miller (an Afro-American) was
entitled to The Purple Heart Medal for his bravery during Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor saving
countless lives.
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