The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

Surrounded by lush green hills, Rimbik is a small village of Darjeeling. Little Varun was captivated with the beauty and serenity of those soul drenching waterfalls and valleys. On Sundays, Varun would visit the market with his mother Maya. He loved watching the tourists. People from different corners and cultures always kept him amazed.

On one such Sunday, he saw a boy in the market. But his eyes were stuck on the beautiful, red and yellow cycle, the boy was carrying. He was amazed. On their way back home, he was all quiet. Maya asked, joked but all in vain. That night, Maya cuddled him and asked again, “What is it Baba? Why are you so quiet? You didn’t even finish your supper”. Varun snuggled into her mother and told about the cycle. “Ma, I also want a cycle like that. See you told me, you will buy me new shoes in Durga Puja. I listened to you. But, this time you have to buy me that”. Varun finished in one breath with twinkling eyes. Maya didn’t utter a word. She tucked in Varun and left the room.    

A few days later, when Varun was busy drawing a picture of that cycle, Maya rushed in the room and exclaimed, “There’s a surprise for you in the garage”! As he entered there, a red and yellow cycle waved at him. He was jumping in joy and smiling profusely. “Thanks Ma”. He hugged her and headed towards his friend’s house with the new cycle.

Next morning, Maya was busy making rotis. Varun barged in and hugged her from behind. “Where are your bangles Ma”? he queried. “Oh, they need polishing. I kept them in the drawer.” Varun left and Maya focused on the rotis again. An hour later, Varun came back and said “Tell me the truth Ma. They are not anywhere.” Maya was silent. Varun came close and said again, “I know they are gone. And that’s why my new cycle is here.” Maya hugged him and said with tears in her eyes, “I wanted to see you happy. That is more valuable to me than those bangles”. Varun exclaimed, “I am sorry Ma. I was so selfish to think about my own happiness and forgot to see your daily struggle. From now on, I will look for our happiness and not only mine”. Maya hugged him even tighter and whispered, “When had my little Varun grown up so much? I didn’t notice”.  


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2 thoughts on “The Pursuit of Happiness

  1. This is a tender story of a bond between the mother and her child. Subtle emotions are sparsed all over the story that make it a very heart-warming tale. However the age of the child indeed is the deciding factor in all of the drama that has been created in the narrative. The reflex of the mother depends on the age that the child is in and had that been made a consideration, the story would have uplifted itself. Coming from a less-privileged family the boy would have had to see a lot of deprivation in various forms so having a bicycle, they have set their eyes on, does not come up as a valid reason for the mother to have parted from her jewellery. This is absolutely debatable since human mind unctions in some of the most unlikely ways, sometimes. Regardless, the story brings a beautiful tale that begs a full blown narrative that can justify the story. Good luck for your next because we are looking forward to more.

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