The Real Hero

The Real Hero

They say that life is beautiful and tough at the same time. You need to find what suits you the best and only you know it. It’s you, who can make your life easy by enjoying it the way it actually is. Life is never easy and is always throwing obstacles towards you. You need to make your own way and achieve the life of your dreams. 

 She finishes writing her diary entry of the day. She’s always been a determined lady and has achieved all her dreams. But that’s not been an easy ride. She has done a lot and fought with everything — even her emotions. She’s Ruhana Bisht. 

Ruhana is a calm yet ambitious girl always working towards her goal. She stepped into the beautiful city of Delhi to realise her dreams. Little did she know that she will only receive broken hearts in return. She trails down the memory lane through which she travelled to this position of a senior journalist. 

Ruhana travelled to Delhi to become a journalist and an anchor and meets her school friend. She applies for a news and media firm and the boss of the company gives her the task to perform a sting operation on a man. The said man is accused of using young girls for his pleasure in order to give them jobs. Very slyly, the girl records a video but when it’s time to telecast it, the manager at the office refuses to telecast it. It’s heartbreaking for Ruhana as her dreams are also shattered into bits. She is accused of giving the wrong content to their media house.

A heartbroken Ruhana stays silent for some time but then she’s determined to not give up. Crying her heart out, Ruhana stands up again. She will never run away. Ruhana is all set to achieve her dreams again. The following days are hectic for her but then, she’s standing in front of the owner of the previous news and media company which belongs to her friend. Her friend is trying to converse with her but Ruhana is firm in her decision.

Yep, her friend’s business is sued and they’ve come on the roads. It just took Ruhana to spy on her friend and her dad and record the way they run their business. They’re doing wrong and illegal things under the name of their media house and no one has ever doubted them. Some employees know while others keep their mouths sealed. 

Being the diligent and honest girl Ruhana is, she records everything and contacts another media house which readily telecasts the news which becomes the breaking news of the entire city. The police get active and the culprits are caught. Ruhana is awarded for her bravery and for helping the police. 

Currently, she’s the senior journalist and manages a whole team behind her. Well, she’s the solo and real hero of her own story and she’s now the Queen of her life, living her life as she pleases. 
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