The Revelation

The Revelation

Ever since Daemon turned fifteen, he started having weird dreams. He brushed them off initially thinking them to be mere illusions of his mind but with every passing night, those dreams turned weirder, and he started having nightmares so horrid that he could barely sleep! The patterns of his dreams were different except for one common element present in all those dreams – a shadowy figure of a man. Every single time he tried to approach the shadow, it would scream, “Who am I?” And then, Daemon would immediately wake up in a cold sweat. 

Mustering courage one night Daemon decided to face his fears. Before it could yell, Daemon screamed, “Who are you?”

After a brief pause, there was a response – “I wonder!”

“What do you want from me?”

“Find out my real identity!!”

“Why did you choose me?”

“Some sort of connection, maybe!”

“When will you stop tormenting me?”

“Once I get my answer!”

Before Daemon could ask another question, he was dragged back to the real world!

While researching about his condition, he came across a headline in the newspaper – “Nightmares troubling you? Fret not, visit our clinic and together we’ll sail through!”

Daemon scheduled an appointment for the next day.

***Clinic scene***

“Hello Daemon! I’m Mr. Ron. I’ll be the one looking into your case.”

After listening to his entire story, Mr. Ron enquired – “Have you ever gone through any traumatic experience in your childhood?”

“Nothing specific that I can remember.”

“Well, I can suggest one way that might resolve this issue.”

“Please tell me, Mr. Ron”

“We can try hypnotherapy, there’s no guarantee that your issue will be resolved but I can delve deeper into your subconscious to comprehend the source of these nightmares, that can help me identify the root cause of the issue.”

“Let’s give it a try then!”

“Daemon, listen to me very carefully. You need to concentrate on this pendulum closely. Once you enter a hypnotic trance, my voice will be your guide. Am I clear?”

“Yes Mr. Ron”

***One hour later***

“Daemon, where are you?”

“Daemon? Who’s he?”

“Daemon, this is Mr. Ron, I need to understand where you’re right now!”

“Mr. Ron, My name is Oswald. I’m in the midst of a war. I see blood and mutilated bodies everywhere!”

Mr. Ron was taken aback. He had never experienced this scenario in his entire career. Daemon had started recovering old memories of one of his past lives. To confirm his doubt, Mr. Ron enquired: “What year is it, Daemon?”


“Ah! 1939 – That’s the start of World War 2” – Mr. Ron mumbled. 

With this answer, Mr. Ron was finally able to connect all dots.

“Daemon, you need to come back to the present!”

As Daemon opened his eyes, Mr. Ron revealed to him that Daemon was the reincarnation of Oswald and the shadow that had been haunting him for long was none other than Oswald himself! Since then, Daemon stopped having those nightmares.
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