The Royal Aversion

The Royal Aversion

Nagendra, the snake slid along the trunk of the tree. It wasn’t home to only him, but a hive too. 

Rani was the young queen bee, and she wished to socialise with their new neighbour. She was about to leave when the worker bees returned exhausted. 

Rapid deforestation had a direct impact on the bees. Locating flowers for nectar was challenging. If they did find any, it was adulterated with chemicals. 

Disappointment and a sense of defeat prevailed among the worker bees. 

“The end of the hive is nearing,” one said.

“Waggling to a faraway land is so tiresome. We should just stop leaving the hexagons,” wailed a young worker.

‘This sounds like mass self-destruction,’ Godmother bee pondered.

“Rani, our people will die of hunger.”

“No plants, no flowers is not a bee-made problem. How am I supposed to find a solution?” Rani snapped.

“Yes, but what your people need now is good leadership. You need to lift their spirits. You need to motivate them to strive hard for survival.”

“I don’t think my pep talk will be of any help. Moreover, I feel they don’t even like me.”

“What are you saying? You are their queen.”

“I feel drained and overworked. Day in and day out, caring for the thousands of hatched and unhatched members of the house. I need a break.”

“You are the queen.”

“Yes, and that is a burden I didn’t ask for,” Rani clamoured.

Godmother stood in shock.

“You fed me the royal jelly. And the whole clan rejoiced on my coronation. But not even one bee asked if I needed it. I feel caged and handicapped.”

“Do you really feel we as a family failed you, Rani?” Godmother stared in disbelief.

“Yes, you have. And now please don’t get in my way,” saying so Rani left. 

Nagendra gave a warm-hearted welcome to Rani. They discussed their ambitions and tastes in life for hours.

“I finally feel I have met a true friend,” Rani confided.

“You surely are a darling, but I have other plans,” Nagendra smirked. 

“I wish to be the king to my kingdom. And I decide who will be the Rani here. None of my clan is ready to live with me fearing your stings. Hiss… But today I will end this once for all. Kill the queen first, and then her dynasty.”

Nagendra slithered towards her.

Rani was caught in her own muddy puddle. 

“I am ready to die for my hive, I will sting you to death.”

Rani spun around him. But before she did anything, the snake wailed in pain and sprang out of the hole. Her entire bee tribe was present to save her. They chased the snake away.

Rani was overwhelmed and ashamed of her selfish choices.

“Godmother, I am apologetic for the insensitive remarks. I promise that I will change. Now I understand that with great power comes great responsibility. And I will strive for our existence.”

Moral:  With great power comes great responsibility.


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2 thoughts on “The Royal Aversion

  1. Just when the queen is about to give in to the pressures, a turn of events bring home the fact that the clan did not give up on her, their queen. Good message conveyed

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