The Salvation

The Salvation

No, no Papa. I will not be able to make it during this summer vacation the schedule is very tight, Mia was lamenting, while conversing with her father. Aarohi and Ansh are keeping me at my toes. They have guitar and swimming classes. They will be joining the summer camp too. So, I won’t be able to come over. I will try as soon as possible. She hung up the phone but was upset at the back of her mind. Her father could sense her despair and sadness. She had always been a dutiful daughter, a responsible daughter-in-law, a perfect wife and a doting mother. She wanted to be home this time and secretly longed to spend time with her parents but her commitment towards her family overpowered her desire. With moist eyes her father shook his head and signalled no towards Mia’s mother. Life moved on at its normal pace and Mia got immersed in her family life, until one day she got a phone call from her father. He was trying to convey something amidst sobs and whimper. She stood numb, as the news of her mother suffering a brain haemorrhage settled in. Tears welled up in her eyes and she dashed upstairs. She was in a state of hallucination. She called her husband and reported the matter. By afternoon she was ready to board the flight.

Throughout the journey, she was shedding tears, being lost in her past. The memories she had treasured in the niche and corner of her heart were appearing in front of her. The flashback had come knocking her present. She could not focus on anything surrounding her. She wished she had wings and could fly.

She was revived to her present by the landing instructions. She hurriedly collected her luggage and drifted to look for a cab. She directed the cab to the hospital. Her heart was thumping .She felt as if she was sitting on a time-bomb waiting to explode. She reached the reception area of the hospital, enquired about her mother and sprinted towards the Critical Care Unit. She saw her father moving to and fro outside, waiting to get a glimpse of his wife. They quickly embraced and tears rolled their eyes, as if floodgates had been opened. She could only mutter, “Sorry”

Her father stroked her hair and they sat reciting the prayers .The surgeon arrived and took consent for the patient’s operation, informing the next 24 hours to be extremely critical. The surgery was scheduled for the next day. Mia and her father were trying to be strong and supportive.

The surgery took three hours and was successful.

Both heaved a sigh of relief. Mia rushed to be by her mother’s side when she was allowed. Few days later her mother was shifted to her room. Mia nursed and cared for her throughout her treatment. Finally, she was discharged and came home. As she laid her on the bed, she glanced at the wall clock. Tik-tok, Tik-tok the pendulum swayed. It reminded Mia, ”Time, is now” 

We acknowledge the presence of parents in our lives; we nurture our bond, lest we repent”.

Mia got another chance, but who knows?


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