The Saviour

The Saviour

It was a dark night with nagging, pounding rain, pelting down on asbestos rooftop of the tiny shanty, perched upon dangling rocks. Kamal Nadru’s large, powerful frame stood defiantly, much like the Eagle, his deep, golden brown eyes peering out of the framed window, reminiscing the deluge that had occurred two decades ago. It was undoubtedly a foreboding of a deep misery. Nadru knew that he couldn’t afford to waste another minute awaiting disaster to strike. 

As he quickly got ready for the mission ahead, his Ma called out, “Kamal beta, I don’t think it’s a great idea to venture out in this heavy downpour. I’ve lost your father, now I can’t afford to lose you. Please don’t go.”

Nadru simply responded, “Ma, do you desire for families to be homeless and lonely; left alone in the wilderness to fend for themselves? At least, I had you. Have you ever thought about innocent lives who were left to fend for themselves?”

Ma resigned as Nadru got ready to leap, reaching to mountain peaks, unmindful of the lashing rains, ensuring that the mountain dwellers were kept safe from landslides.

He had told ma just before he left, “Ma, take all the villagers to the safety unit I’ve built at the foothills of the mount. It’ll be an abode of safety.”

Then, like the lone eagle that spurns the downpour to fly high towards liberation, Nadru moved high up the peaks to check the strength of rocks and determine chances of landslides. His sole mission was to protect the clan. He surveyed and assessed the mountains making mental notes of the possible loose soil areas. He then rushed to inform authorities of the lurking dangers.

Nadru met the officer; his voice carried a sense of command, packed with leadership. He informed the officer, “Sir, I’m Kamal Nadru. As you know, the rains have been ruthless. I know the mountains well having lived here all my life. I’ve already studied the peaks and made note of weak soil structures that may cause a possible landslide. If this happens, many houses will be damaged and several lives will be lost. Kindly help us.”

The officer knew that Nadru meant business. He immediately arranged for a team to embark on the mission to protect and safeguard the hills. 

The work was carried out and Nadru spiritedly showed the team those exact points where attention was needed. Safeguard nets were laid in a few places, while shifting the soil were done in a few other places.

A great avalanche was abated and the mountains remained protected. While the villagers and officers thanked Nadru for his timely help, the incessant rains only reminded him of that cursed night when the entire village was washed out and his father was never seen again. Since then, his keen foresight had prepared for training himself, attuning his mind to perceive dangers and improve his vitality. Nadru knew that the path ahead was filled with countless obstacles to win over.


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